Saturday, 21 July 2012

In the Archives by Sofia

Howde folks!

Yes, I am still here but next week our Lady M begins her virtual reality summer tour. This year, instead of capital cities she is going to take us to some of her favourite islands. Wow! I bet Cyprus is there. Anyway Donald and I are still having a ball. This week, I have been delving into her archives and looked at her very first blog. Her message is even more poignant now, so I say to you. . .KEEP BOOKS ALIVE!
As an avid reader, author and former English teacher I love books. They are items of joy and beauty to the beholder. Fact or fiction, their jackets are colourful, inviting, intriguing and interesting. Their pages are full of mystery, magic, excitement, adventure and information. Books may be used as sources of learning or they can transport us to a fantasy land, help us to escape from reality.
Alas, a new invention has crept into our society and gradually taken over. YES, it's the COMPUTER. Look in any office or any desk in the home and what do you see? Not paper files, books, typewriter or secretary taking notes but scanners, printers, keyboards and people sitting staring at screens hoping to find the right information while secretly praying that the computer will not crash or succumb to a virus. There's a new language in computing. No longer do we think of surfing on Bondei Beach but on the Internet; our mouse does not scurry behind the skirting board but moves happily around the screen; a disc is no longer something you slipped in your back, windows are not those which you peer out of, logging on and off, passwords, spreadsheets... and the list goes on.

The age of technology has also brought us Nintendo and Kindle where large numbers of books may be stored and retrieved. Nintendo and Kindle are so convenient that they may be placed in a handbag or a pocket. There is no need to carry large or heavy tomes around. But do these inventions herald the death of the 'book'? Are we going to lose the enjoyment of turning the pages?

Such thoughts give me nightmares. I see a society in a hundred years from now where living museums are popular entertainment and remaining books are banished to shelves in them. Children will look at these large numbers of paper collections all bound together and ask, what are they?
We must not let this happen!
I say to you, KEEP BOOKS ALIVE!

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I look forward to hearing any comments on keeping books alive.

My mantra is a phrase Lady M gave us, Look forward with hope, look back with gratitude.

      Love you all, Sofia!


  1. AS long as people write there will be 'books', may be not in the form with wich we have become so familiar, and fond, over the last thousand years or so but books nevertheless whether scratched onto clay tablets (Gilgamesh) delicate copper scrolls (the writings found at Q'mran) or the papyrus scrolls in the ancient library at Alexandria (lost to fire). The labour of producing books was made easier with the development of moveable type, the printing press, photo lithography and now we call all type into computers. For all the convenience of storage on a computer or Kindle I'm currently sitting in a used bookstore surrounded by upwards of twenty-thousand volumes . . . sure would be nice to have them on one computer . . . but . . . nothing beats curling up with a good book in your hands.

  2. One of my worst fears,[not so] future generations will not understand the the personal lines of communications i.e talking, writing letters. I see a world where no has to speak, it's all done via text. No one sits and writes a letter or signs a birthday card and drop it at the post office. Everything is sent email, ecards It will be a sad day when the act of putting words to paper becomes abstruse.