Sunday, 30 May 2010

New wheels!

Hello Everyone,
On Thursday afternoon I brought my new and expensive baby home. Our first gentle drive together was a difficult one as I have only driven one vehicle in the last twenty years. In 1990 the salesperson took ten minutes to show me all the controls; this time it was forty-five minutes which included setting up my mobile with the installed Bluetooth so that should my phone ring while I'm driving I just press the button with the phone symbol on it on the steering wheel and I can hear and talk to the person at the other end. Alexander Graham Bell we've come along way since that first historic call.
Unfortunately, the wipers and indicators have changed sides which means that should I choose to turn left the windscreen wipers suddenly charge across the screen. Old habits die hard but I'm learning. Fortunately, the number plate is a clear indication that my baby is new or it could just be the way I'm driving that cause drivers behind to drop back and treat me with caution. This is most unusual as a Nissan Micra, a small and slow car, usually means driver speed up and overtake.
You will see from the photographs that I am like a proud parent with another new offspring. She is named Baby May Ten or Bee Gee after her registration letters. When we arrived home with only sixteen miles on her digital odometer and a clear flashing warning me that I only have enough juice to do another thirty-six miles I park her, talk to her and of course take the photos and immediately post them on Facebook. Then we have to practice reverse and put her in her new apartment for the night.
I then go down Memory Lane. Have I really been driving for forty years? Those driving behind me would probably doubt it. Bee Gee is only my sixth car and had my fifth one not been stolen there would never have been a sixth. In the seventies I had two second-hand minis and recall the problems of the choke and flooding the engine. My uncle was in the trade and was one of the first to bring the Japanese Honda cars into Britain. In 1977 I bought my first new car, a beautiful silver Civic; she was the 'S Plate special' and a silver streak bombing around Birmingham with heads turning to admire her. In 1981 we parted company and I bought an automatic red Civic with a radio installed - what luxury! A radio in a car.
In 1990 I switched to Micras and was relieved to find that the choke was no longer necessary. One just turned on the ignition and pressed the accelerator pedal. This car had both a radio and a clock. It was a far cry from the days of the fifties when my father would allow a good ten minutes to start the car as he put the crank (starting handle) in the front of the engine and turned it while secretly praying that it would actually start.
So, what does your car say about you?
People tend to have their own favourite makes and models. Some people like small cars others large or sporty models. What car do you have? Why do you like it?
Does your vehicle have a name? What colour is it? Is it diesel or petrol engine?
What does a red flame Nissan Micra say about me?
It is a small, slow car and an automatic. It's easy to park as I confess to being a typical woman. I recall the conversations with my father who would say that there was enough room to park a double-decker bus as I looked for a larger parking space. I'd reply that I needed room for a double-decker bus and an aeroplane.
I've been given one piece of good advice which I share with you; always keep an atlas in the car even if you've got Sat Nav! I would suggest that you always keep a good novel in the car as well but not for reading while driving.
Thought for the week: Happiness and health are the greatest good fortunes, worth more than any amount of cash.
Remember that 'Time and Tide' wait for no man, so have 'No Regrets', 'Stay in Touch' and always 'Look After Each Other'.

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