Friday, 2 December 2011

Time and Tide. . .wait for no man

Hello Everyone,

Happy October! Yes, Lady M is still here but Sofia will be back next month. Lady M has been enjoying life recently with her book festivals and exciting activity in her home. She has been experiencing some paranormal events since August. Those of you familiar with her Sofia books will know that, like Sofia, she shares her home with her deceased father who pops in and plays tricks occasionally or gives warnings of impending doom. It began with two weird phone calls from a number beginning 04949... There is no such number! It has been followed with poltergeist activity and... well, she is just waiting to see what happens this month.

Anyway, Christmas is round the corner so it is time to remind you of her books and that they do make nice presents, particularly autographed ones, available from her.

This was the first book published. For those of you who ask the question, How long does it take to write a book? It took 3 years to write this one. It was designed with the Millennium in mind. She knows it's 12 years ago but, to her, it seems like yesterday which is a sign of age. At that time there was much euphoria about the 'good old days' and all that had happened in the twentieth century and she thought it would be a good idea to take a character born on January 1st 1950 who would be celebrating her 50th birthday at the Millennium and create a family saga around her and those 50 years. She created the Stephenson family with Irene Joy born in 1950 and named Irene because the name means 'peace' in Greek. She was a symbol of hope for the future after the first part of the century had seen two World Wars. In addition to the narrative she gave Irene's mother the role of writing a diary but not just a personal one, one which included the social and historical events throughout the 50 years and it interspersed throughout the book in italics.

This book was self-published but it is still available worldwide on Amazon, and the Internet or from good bookshops. The ISBN is 9780953945108 and price £7.99 GBP. (paperback)

Contact her by email for orders

Have a great week, next week she will be telling you about No Regrets!

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