Saturday, 30 July 2011

Goodbye S A! Hello N Z!

Hello Everyone!

Donald and I have had a great deal of fun in South Africa but it is time to move on. 'Her' plane is ready to leave and we are hitching a ride to Wellington in New Zealand. Come and join us, as we travel due east in our second 'round the world capitals' tour. Next year, 'she' says it will be 'her' favourite islands! We can't wait. Love ya'all. Sofia.
ps. It's a few hours flight why not read all about us on the way. Try, Look After Each Other  and then you will want to read the sequel,  Sofia's Legacy. (Look at the bottom of this blog for the links!)

1. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. It is situated at the southern end of North Island.

2. Wellington was named after Arthur Wellesley, the first  Duke of Wellington and victor at the Battle of Waterloo The title comes from the town of Wellington in Somerset, UK.

3. It became the capital city in 1865; prior to that the capital had been Auckland.

4. Wellington is both the southernmost capital in the world and the most remote, being the furthest away from any other capital city.

5. New Zealand is 1200 miles (1930km) south east of Australia. It consists of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island which are separated by the Cook Strait.

6. The everyday language is English but other languages are spoken. The second language is Maori, spoken by the indigenous Maori people.

7. Christianity is the main religion.

8.The currency is the New Zealand Dollar.

9.In 2009, Wellington was placed 12th in the world's quality of living list! This year the 'Lonely Planet Best in Travel' placed Wellington as fourth in its Top Ten Cities to visit, naming it, 'the coolest little capital in the world'.

10. It is the home of Parliament, Government Ministries and Departments, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, The Royal New Zealand Ballet, and the New Zealand International Arts Festival.

11.The oldest building in Wellington is Colonial Cottage which was built in 1858.

12. Wellington Harbour has three islands: Matiu/Somes Island, Makaro/Ward Island and Mokopuna.

13. The harbour has a reputation for being picturesque and natural. It is surrounded by green hillsides adorned with tiered suburbs of colonial villas.

14. Unfortunately, Wellington lies on a geographical fault which leads to earthquakes. It has been damaged several times by them and has suffered two major ones in 1848 and 1855. The 1855 had an estimated  magnitude of 8.2.

15.Wellington is a popular tourist resort. New Zealand's tourism was boosted by the filming of the epic 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy in the first years of this century.

16. The capital city has much to offer the tourist with its breathtaking scenic views, fully appreciated by taking a ride in the cable car up to the Botanical Gardens for vistas of the city centre and across the harbour to the Hutt Valley, which was one of the scenic locations used in the film.

17. There is also a network of  'bush walks' and reserves maintained by Wellington City Council and local volunteers.The Wellington region has 500 square kilometers of regional parks and forests.

18. The city averages about 169 days of sunshine annually. The climate is a temperate marine one, temperatures rarely rise above 77 F or below 39 F. Snow is extremely rare!

19. Wellington's cafe culture is prominent. It has more cafes per capita then new York City!

20. Wellingtonians refer to it as 'Windy Wellington' due to the winds which blow up the Cook Strait!

Next week the jet will be heading north!

Thought for the week:If you look like your passport photo, you definitely need a holiday!


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