Saturday, 19 November 2011

'My Mantra' by Sofia

 Howde folks,

Yes, it is I, Sofia and I am still here! 'She' returns from Cyprus this weekend so I am still holding the fort while she acclimatises to the British climate and has a passionate love affair with the washing machine, followed by the ironing board. We do not have such hassles, life is so much easier but as we keep telling you, you have to die first in order to discover that.

I hope you found my previous blogs on the bucket list and places we have enjoyed sex interesting. This week, I would like to share my 'mantra' with you. When life is not good and you need to keep going for the sake of your sanity and your children you need to find some inner strength or a positive mental attitude. In desperation I began a Self-Affirmation.

The first 5 of these were:

1. Take control
2. I am capable and I will achieve my goals
3. I am a good and nice person
4. I have two adorable children
5. I am clever, intelligent and talented

I would repeat them to myself morning and evening and then smile. There were five more but you may find out what they were when you read all about me. It is such an easy thing to do SO, why not make yours today?

Now, I know 'she' leaves a thought for the week, that's getting boring... I am going to leave you with an idea for a task instead...


TheThe decision to do something positive is yours...

       Maybe, you would care to share it with us.

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