Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Christmas Tree

Howde folks!

Sofia here! Lady M is sulking this week but more about that later.

As Christmas is only one week away now 'she' planned to tell you something about the origin of the Christmas tree.

In the 8th century St Boniface was sent from England to Germany to preach about Jesus. On a frosty December evening he was walking in some woods when he came across a group of people about to make an offering of a little boy to a pagan god. The meeting was under a large oak tree. St Boniface rescued the boy and felled the tree. When it fell to the ground it left a small fir tree behind growing between its roots. St Boniface declared the fir tree to be their holy emblem because its leaves were evergreen and a sign of eternal life. Further, it pointed toward Heaven, henceforth, it would be called the tree of the Christ-Child.

The modern Christmas tree originated in Western Germany. Traditionally, it should not be decorated until Christmas Eve. However, in the 20th century the Christmas tree, like so many things, became more of a commercialism than a custom. It is now worldwide common practice to see decorated Christmas trees in stores, public places and homes from as early as October.

Traditional decorations were candles! Yes, really! It makes you wonder how many trees ended up as fires in the home. Along with the candles were ornaments, garlands and tinsel. An angel or star would be placed on the top point looking toward Heaven. The angel symbolising the host of angels and the star representative of the star of Bethlehem and the Nativity. Gifts are placed under the tree.

You can see 'her ' tree on this blog. Do you like it? You will note that underneath it are a few Christmas dolls including Mr Santa and Mr Frosty. You may find out more about them in her book, Sofia's Legacy which, of course features me and Donald in the afterlife.

Now, why is she so upset this week? One of her friends has got 10 more followers on their blog than she has, so please do me a favour and become a follower so that Donald and I can get back to our favourite hobby. Thank you!

Next week there will be a Christmas Quiz, so only 7 more shopping days.... Don't panic! That's my message to you this week


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