Friday, 13 January 2012


Hello Everyone,

It is Friday and the end of the working week for many people. It is also the second week in January and considered to be one of the worst times of the year. All the excitement and festivities of Christmas are long since gone; all that is left is the credit card bill bringing further misery to add to the depressing weather.

It is also EuroMillions night, now a twice weekly event, as is the UK Lotto. The big difference is the amount involved...  EuroMillions has been known to go up to over £100 million, real, serious life changing money. The odds of winning this amount are in excess of 70 million to 1 considering all the possible combinations of having 5 numbers (out of  1-50)  plus 2 star numbers (out of 1-11). Tickets are £2 a line in the UK and this includes an additional raffle ticket for a £1 million draw. There is the added bonus of ONE guaranteed millionaire in the UK in every draw!

But realistically, what are you more likely to win for your £2? The bottom line is matching just 2 of the 5 numbers; this will yield around £2-£3... or roughly speaking your stake back. Match 2 numbers with 1 star and your 'exciting news' will probably be around £5-£6.  More matches and you are getting excited.... match 4 numbers and it will be somewhere between £60 and £80. If you are really lucky and match 4 numbers with 2 stars you will be looking at a four figure return on your £2 investment. You have to be really lucky to beat the odds and get 5 numbers or with the stars to get any worthwhile amount and the chances of getting those elusive millions are...? Well, you do have to get all 5 numbers plus the 2 stars.

Yet millions will purchase tickets hoping for this life-changing amount. Each time it rolls over and another few million are added to the Jackpot more people will rush to buy tickets in that vain hope. Last week it was estimated at £60 million.

How would this change your life? For the better? What would you do if you suddenly had in excess of £100 million? Have you ever really considered what such wealth would mean? Would you go public? Would you give the money away to friends, relatives and charities? You would certainly have plenty of friends! Please leave your comments on how you would handle so much money if you were the lucky one. Perhaps a lesson should be learned from Viv Nicholson who won £152,319.000 (about £5 million today) fifty years ago this week on the football pools. She declared that she was going to 'spend, spend, spend' and she did. She lived the high life until the money was gone and now lives on State benefit.

Howde folks,

Sofia here...

From where I am I would like to say... be careful what you wish for! Perhaps you should be content with a good book!

Donald and I have tremendous fun 'upstairs' watching you all. I will leave youn with my usual positivity.


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  1. I would invest most of the money, but I would also take care of me and my family. In this country if you win the lotto, you have to go public because they like to show off giving you the money, and yes a lot of friends would crawl out of the woodwork. The best thing is to get a lawyer first to protect you and your money. Have a great day Marilyn!