Friday, 6 January 2012

A Pensioner!

Hello Everyone!

It is official. I can hardly believe it but today, 6th January 2012, our British government has declared me a PENSIONER. I have only just got used to being 60, but now I can have a bus pass and all kinds of concessions. I am sure I will be getting even more information in the post and on-line regarding funeral plans, retirement homes and incontinence pads.

Ones pension is that time in life that one has looked forward to since starting work. It has always seemed unreal, an unattainable goal, a dream of exotic free days doing all the things one never has the time for during the working life. I can now reflect back to those awful snowy, icy, cold mornings of the 70's and 80's when I would far rather have stayed at home than got up and struggled to get to work.

I can also reminisce over the milestones of my life.

That first day at school in 1956... that first day at grammar school in 1962...

Leaving home for college in father's face... so full of pride.

My 21st birthday, officially an adult, although the age of majority had all ready been lowered to 18!

Graduation in 1972... again my father beaming and so full of pride.

My first day as a teacher in 1973...

My first pilgrimage to Israel in 1975

My wedding day 1980 followed by the divorce day...

My first day as a holiday rep in 1987

My first book published in 2001...

My first day as a pensioner 2012....

Next stop... The pearly gates!

Have you any advice or anecdotes on becoming a pensioner that you would care to share?

Howde folks

Sofia here, while she is wittering on about becoming a pensioner and going down memory lane I am looking to the future. Donald and I have some really exciting news for you! No, we are not getting married...there is no marriage where we are BUT we are going digital. In the spring you will be able to read all about us in 'her' books on Kindle, Nook, I Pods, I pads and heaven knows where. So stay tuned to this blog for more info. My words of wisdom ...


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