Friday, 3 February 2012


Howde folks,

Sofia here again!

Lady M is still living the high life in Cyprus. I hope you have enjoyed reading about darts and dominoes, two of the games we frequently play up here. Are you finding my mantras helpful in getting through the week at this depressing time of the year?

Anyway, February, it is the shortest month of the year with only 28 days and 29 every fourth year or leap year and that is 2012! It was named after the Latin term februum which means purification. In the old Roman calendar, February 15th was the full moon and date of the purification festival, Februa. February and January were the last two months added to the Roman calendar by Numa Pompilius round about 713 BC.

Its birth flowers are the violet and common primrose and its birthstone is the amethyst which symbolises piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom.

Some famous people with February birthdays are: George Washington, Paris Hilton, John McEnroe, Yoko Ono, Thomas Edison, Ronald Reagan, Lisa Marie Presley, Charles Dickens, Morgan Fairchild, Rosa Parks and our very own Lady M! Could we ever forget her 60th birthday?

Groundhog Day occurs in February as does possibly the most famous day of the month Valentine's Day on the 14th. A day when, traditionally, lovers give gifts to their loved ones. Flowers, in particular roses, tend to be the most popular. Consequently, their price shoots up for that day. Commercialism wins every time.

The 29th February, the one day which occurs every four years, known as leap day is the 60th day of the Gregorian calendar, leaving 306 until the end of the year or 299 to next Christmas! A complete revolution around the sun takes approximately 365 days and 6 hours. So, every 4 years, an extra day is added to allow for the extra 24 hours.
Well folks, enjoy the month, in fact enjoy every moment and remember that time only exists in life.
My mantra to you for this week is:


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