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A memento of Madeira!

Howde folks,

Yes, Donald and I are joining Lady M on her virtual reality island tour this summer. The jet is out of the hangar, champagne on ice so let's hit the skies and fly to Madeira. We are told it is her third favourite island and she has had a lot of fun there.

Madeira is a Portuguese island situated in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 500 miles off the coast of Portugal. The main language is Portugese. The capital is Funchal. . .

"Just a minute, she wrote about Madeira in Stay in Touch. Donald why don't we let Christabelle and David tell her readers about their unforgettable stay on the island?"

"Sounds like a plan, Sofia. Then WE can go and have some fun."

From Stay in Touch

     David had his own hidden agenda. He still secretly hoped that she would eventually marry him. His next move was to invite her to join them on the summer family holiday to Madeira in August. This meant that most of her off-duty time during the summer holidays would be spent with the children and David saw this as a bonding exercise. The more she was with them, the more she would want them to be a proper family and they had spent a lot of time together this year. Things were going well.

    Madeira? Isn’t that in the Atlantic?’ she asked

    ‘Well, it was the last time we were there. It’s known as the floating garden of the Atlantic. Why?’

   It was time to tell him about the lifetime goals that she and Lucy had planned; not all of them, just the relevant ones: troika ride, swimming in the five oceans, seeing the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World, which was why she was off to Egypt in October and the beer mats.

    ‘So, that’s why Moscow in the snow was so important.’

    “Double trouble” were delighted when told that Aunty Christabelle was joining them, but only for one week. She was unable to get a longer period away from the hospital. She felt safe, he would not propose again.

     They stayed at Reid’s.  In David’s opinion it was the only place to stay in Madeira, overlooking Funchal and the Atlantic. He and Andrea had always stayed there. In fact, he had proposed to Andrea in the gardens of that very hotel. Had Christabelle realised she may well have been a little more cautious. She was extremely impressed with the Edwardian elegance before being told that it was reputed to be one of the finest hotels in the world. The staff welcomed David back to the hotel and offered condolences on learning of Andrea’s death.

     He was keen to show her the beautiful island and she was eager to swim in the sea. Unfortunately, her preconceived idea of running down a golden beach into the ocean was shattered when she realised that there were no beaches surrounding the island. However, she was able to reach the water through the hotel grounds and swam in the ocean while David took the photographs.

     After achieving her goal David was keen to ensure that she was happy before he could put his next plan into operation. He hired a car and showed her the sights. She was delighted with the breathtaking scenery, the pretty houses in Santana, the little fishing village of C├ómara de Lobos where Winston Churchill painted, the levadas, the water irrigation system which run all over the island and the array of flowers for which Madeira is renowned. For a few days they were like a proper family. David sensed that all was going well.

     On the fourth night, after a day of exploring Funchal and relaxing in the hotel, he decided that it was time. They dined in the restaurant with the girls as usual. A pianist played in the background and the noise of clattering cutlery could be heard as people ate. Christabelle was looking her best, dressed in a pale blue strapless evening dress with stole and matching accessories. Her newfound wealth had enabled her to indulge in replenishing her wardrobe: something she had really enjoyed.  Her hair was in ringlets and she looked perfect, a picture of beauty in the Edwardian setting. He was dressed in a dark suit and bow tie. They had enjoyed their medium-rare steaks and the verdelho wine and completed the meal with coffee and mints. Then the girls returned to their room and now the two of them were seated in the gardens, overlooking the ocean, a spectacular view and enjoying an after dinner brandy. They had watched a liner sail into port and illuminate the harbour, rather like a beacon in the darkness of the night. There was also some relief. It had a cooled down after another hot and sticky day. The time was perfect.

     ‘Are you happy?’

     ‘Of course I am,’ she replied.

     ‘You get on well with the girls. They really love you.’

     ‘I’m their aunt.’

     ‘That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re liked or loved.’

     S’pose not.’

     ‘How do you feel about us?’

    ‘Us? Oh, you’re not going to ask me to marry you again, are you?’ He could sense fear in her voice.

     ‘No, of course not. But how do you feel about me?’

     ‘You’re my brother-in-law.’

       He put his arm round her and gently kissed her on the cheek. ‘But, don’t you feel anything for me? Anything sexual?’


      ‘Yes, sexual. You know how much I love you.’

      Suddenly, she realised where the conversation was leading. She placed her hand on his knee and started to caress his leg, gradually moving upwards.

      ‘I’ve always been jealous of Andrea for having you. I’ve always wanted you.’ She lied. Those three little words came to mind again, lie, cheat or kill.


      She looked into his blue eyes and whispered, ‘Let’s go.’

      Drinks discarded and arm in arm they walked through the hotel to the lift and up to his room.

     Once inside, they hastily undressed before falling onto the bed side by side. He looked at her naked, curvaceous body. She was perfect, inviting and sensuous. He caressed her beautiful white breasts and slowly and sensuously moved his hands down her chest towards her legs. She opened her legs for him to stroke her pubic hair. He continued exploring her as she lay back. His index finger moved in circular motion around her vagina before discovering the clitoris and exciting her.

    ‘What ‘re you waiting for?’ She spoke seductively; she was ready and could see no point in this foreplay. It was going to be pure sex. Something that had to be done and if she enjoyed it, it would be a bonus!

    He sat up, ‘Sure?’

     ‘Of course,’

    He opened the bedside cabinet drawer and produced a condom.

    ‘Prepared, are we?’ she said and stroked his penis, ‘let me help you.’

    When prepared he moved on top of her, supporting himself with his hands on either side of her torso and looking down onto her face. She looked up into his blue eyes and felt a pang of delight at what she was about to do. He slowly and gently entered her. She arched her body slightly and let out a short moan. He continued carefully and lovingly going into her until the moment of relief came. Such ecstasy! 

   She put into operation, a well-rehearsed act of screaming and panting as if with delight. He lowered his body onto her and gently kissed her on the lips and then on her breasts and nipples. She put her arms and legs round him and they were completely entwined each feeling the others racing heartbeat. For him, it was a magic moment of lust, which, he wanted to last forever. She slowly moved her arms and legs down allowing him to withdraw gently. He then lay silently by her side. They had taken the next step in their relationship.

  He turned towards her and gently fondled her ringlets,

   ‘You look beautiful just lying there.’

    She was thinking of Andrea. She had just taken something that had once been hers; that made her smile. That was the best bit. The sex had been fine but taking something else that had been Andrea’s was the icing on the cake for her.

   ‘Thank you, kind sir,’ she laughed, ‘is this the first time since…’ She did not need to complete the sentence.


   ‘Were you ever unfaithful, before?’

    He looked at her, then looked away before replying in a shaky voice, ‘Of course, not. What a question.’

   She knew from his reaction that he was lying. He was a man. Andrea had been right about his affairs.

  He continued, ‘I don’t think the girls should know about this. Not yet.’

 ‘No, you’re right. So, I’d better get back to my room.’ She started to get up from the bed but he caught her arm, ‘just a few more minutes.’

    She lay down again and they kissed and enjoyed the pleasure of feeling each other’s bodies for a while. Well, at least he did. Then, she dressed and returned to her own room and in the morning at breakfast they were just father and aunt to two children again.

    For the remaining three days of her holiday it was the same routine. Each evening after the girls had gone to bed they would go to his room and in his opinion make love, in hers just have sex. For both of them it was a step nearer to their ultimate goals. It was just a pity that they were moving in opposite directions.

   She returned home after seven days, leaving them on the island for a further week. But, when she walked into her house in the hallway was a memento of the holiday. Mrs Bottomley had placed orchids in a vase for her and left the accompanying card at the side:  A memento of Madeira with thanks for a lovely holiday. David, Annabelle and Abigail.
"Wow, they really did have fun, didn't they Sofia? We had better pop over to Madeira."

"Right away, Donald. Next week, she's moving on to Malta, so we'll probably get some of her photographs!"

My Mantra Stay in Touch with all friends!

                          Love to you all, Sofia!


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