Friday, 14 September 2012



Hello Everyone,

Yes, I'm still here. Sofia and Donald are having a rest. The answers to last weeks anagrams are now posted. Pop along and have a look. This week I am leaving you with a word game.

It is simple. Just find a word to follow the word in the first column which will also precede the word in the second column. It's test your brain time again.

MOUNTAIN                       ASH                                         TRAY
SPEAR                                MINT                                       SAUCE
WAR                                   PAINT                                      BRUSH
STEAM                               IRON                                        FILINGS
POP                                     CORN                                       FLOWER
CRAB                                 APPLE                                      CRUMBLE
CIRCUS                              TENT                                        PEG
SCOTCH                             EGG                                          SHELL
QUEEN                               VICTORIA                               SPONGE
PAD                                     LOCK                                       SMITH
DOOR                                  KEY                                         FOB
BROAD                               BACK                                      AWAY
CART                                  HORSE                                    POWER
ELECTRIC                          CABLE                                    STITCH
BANK                                  CHEQUE                                 BOOK
HORSE                                 HAIR                                       PIN
BLACK                                CAT                                         NAP
FOOTBALL                         MATCH                                  BOX

Answers next week! I am off to the Stafford Arts Festival this weekend so I wish you all a happy weekend whatever you are doing.

Yours, Lady M!

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