Wednesday, 3 October 2012

West Bridgford, Book Festival


 Hello Everyone,

Last Saturday, as you can see in the top photograph, I was at the New Writers UK 8th Book Festival in West Bridgford. Coincidently, Look After Each Other begins in a bedroom of a semi in West Bridgford!

Sat Nav and I managed to arrive at the County Hall without any real problems possibly because we have been before; also it is a massive building with a distinctive green roof and is clearly signposted on the main road. However, driving east so early in the morning meant sun blindness for most of the way but it ensured that we were in for a warm day and therefore, hopefully, many people attending and browsing or even buying our books.
The first thing on these occasions is the setting up. As this festival began on Friday evening those of us who arrived on Saturday just took the next available table in the long sunny corridor. When that chore was over it was time for coffee. Alas, the boiler was not ready so coffee was delayed. However, my gasping was appeased, when I saw the leading lady of Jamaican romance, Caroline Bell Foster walking towards me. We have been Facebook friends for three years but this was our first meeting. I was so flattered that she had come to see me. Of course, the first thing we did was swap books, (it's an author thing). I am looking forward to reading Saffron's Choice. Thank you for coming, Caroline, you are now my BFF!


The first two talks on Saturday were on
self-publishing and getting an agent. Caroline
went to listen to them and found them most 
informative. During the morning, I had several
people pop along to chat, including Harry Riley
from the Eastwood book town group and I look
forward to going over to Eastwood in the future.
I not only gave out information but sold books which makes it all worthwhile and even better when two people came along who had all ready seen my humble offerings and were aware of me as an author! 

There was another event at the County Hall which is why we were in the Committeee Rooms and corridors, but it also meant more people popping along and seeing us including Councillors and the Mayor. Alas, I waited, in vain, for Robin Hood but he did not make an appearance! Other friends there were John Baird, the Chair of NWUK, Michelle and Trevor Gent of Gingernut Books Ltd. Michelle and John can be seen deep in conversation here; undoubtedly putting the world to rights.


In the afternoon there were prizes awarded for the various competitions run by NWUK, and an open forum where questions could be asked by visitors to a panel of experts in the writing field.
I was extremely pleased, just after 2.00pm, when two more of my friends and readers came along to see me, a big thank you to Peter and Denise for their support. It was great to see you again!
For those of you who remember my trip to the UK Games Expo in May, you may recall a gentleman by the name of Richard Denning, a games enthusiast, director and organiser of that event. Well, guess what, folks? I was privileged to be on the table opposite him, this time, admiring his books and the game of the Great Fire of London. I have to say that, since meeting Richard, the fire of London has taken on a new meaning! Thanks for your company and chat, Richard.
As 4.00pm approached it was time to pack up and return to West Bromwich after a great day. I was driving westward, so once again, it was sun blindness time!
Have a great week, everyone and whatever you do enjoy it!
Lady M!

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  1. Glad you had a successful day!!!! I know the work getting to that point and the aftermath is hard work.