Friday, 15 February 2013


Howde Folks,
Sofia still here! Did you check out last week? Awesome indeed! Now, just check out the above photograph. Do you remember it? Well, Lady M certainly does. It was two years ago at The Alexander the Great Beach Hotel in Pafos, Cyprus where she spent her 60th birthday. She wasn't sure how she had arrived at 60 without noticing. The last time she had noticed time passing by it was in fact the swinging sixties and she was living life to the full, well actually working 36 hour days attempting to fit everything in while taking her 'A' levels. She is still lying down in a dark room trying to remember what happened in the last two years. She cannot believe that she is 62 tomorrow and in another 8 years she will be.... Don't even think about it!
So birthdays, what are they? They are those annual events that take forever to arrive when you are a child but somehow speed up with age. The psychologists say that it is because we gain experiences with age and consequently have far more to occupy our minds which makes it seem as if time is passing by more quickly. But that does not explain why we look forward to them in childhood and grow to dislike them as we grow older. There are those milestones... 30...40...50...60 and if you are still around 70...80...90? If you are a UK resident the next decade is really exciting because if you make it to 100, a century you get a telegram from the Queen or reigning monarch. So, does your aim in life simply become the urgent desire to hit the three figure number for the joy and satisfaction of receiving a special card on that birthday and each subsequent one, if you make it.
As time goes by you tend to change without noticing. Appearance, thinking, behaviour, attitude, and then there's that awful day when you begin using phrases like, 'when I was younger', 'not in my day' or 'oh no I'm turning into my mother'. Lady M is terrified of that one.
When you were a child there were lots of presents and cards and a party with a cake and party games and you were growing up, another year nearer, into that wonderful world of adulthood where everything seemed to be wonderful. No one telling you what to do, money of your own, allowed to drink and go out as you pleased. It was going to be fantastic, AWESOME. Then, after waiting forever the day arrives and suddenly the picture has changed. It has turned into a life of work, bills, problems and responsibility and you yearn for those carefree childhood days again.
So, what are the joys of birthdays? Why do we wish each other 'Many happy returns of them'? How do we spend them? Parties? Family celebrations? Do you STILL look forward to them? Do you still enjoy them? Do you still look forward to cards and presents? Do your family spoil you? Do you spend them on your own? Which was your best and most memorable birthday? Which was your worst? Would you care to share your memories and/or views of that annual event?
Until next week,
All my love

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