Friday, 22 February 2013


Howde Folks,

Yes, it's still me Sofia here. Lady M has recovered from her almighty shock of reaching 62 and she thanks everyone who sent her cards, presents and greetings on FB. She came out of her darkened room on the big day and, as usual, visited her father's grave with a beautiful pot of pink hyacinths. She then had lunch in Congleton on the way home. In the evening she watched films on the television with a bottle of vino. Now, she is looking at the long list of things she plans to do before she is 63.

But, while driving she thought about her childhood birthdays and the party games she used to play. There was Pass the Parcel, Musical Chairs, Memory Tray, Charades, Pin the tail on the donkey, Blind Man's Buff, Chinese Whispers, Consequences and then there were all the paper and pencil games.

For her own amusement she played a word game in the car whereby you use the last letter of the word to make the next one...

birthday... yacht...

Then she thought about the words she had come up with. What did they say about HER!
Just look at some of them, orphan, yacht, lingerie, escape?
She challenges you to do the same exercise beginning with birthday and see what you come up with and what it means. She is sure the psychologist would have the whale of a time with her.

Next week it will be March 1st. We can celebrate the end of February and the fact that in the UK it is St. David's Day. She has promised to return and tell you about that day, so it's bye from Donald and I for awhile. We are helping out with problems at Haslington Towers as well as enjoying ourselves but I'm sure she will call us back soon. Until, the next time, be happy folks.

Love to yo'all



  1. That sounds like a fun game. i will have to try it. Have a great week Lady M. See you on facebook!