Friday, 5 April 2013

April, at last!



Hello Everyone,

Lady M still here; Sofia and Donald are still in Kenya with the family and Stephen and Annabelle. Well, actually a comment from Derek prompted Sofia to whisk Donald over to Cyprus, to the Avanti Hotel and to repeat their Room 5042 experience but they are back in Mombasa now and if you do not know what I'm talking about you need to read Look After Each Other.

Anyway, I'm sure we're all delighted, in the Northern Hemisphere, to be in April and hope that the worst months of the year are behind us. At the weekend we put our clocks forward and are now on British Summer Time. Spring has arrived. We have beautiful yellow daffodils and new born lambs frolicking in the fields; buds on the trees and warmer days. Well, that's what it should be but someone forgot to notify the weather. I'm looking out at snow in the garden the garden and it's not scheduled to get any warmer in the next few days. These pretty photographs are from bygone days just to remind you of what it used to be like.

We have just had the coldest and wettest March for 50 years. I can remember 1963 and for those of you of my generation do you remember Boxing Day in 1962 when the temperature dropped below zero and we had the great freeze-up until March 1963?  We were chilled to the bone but all continued to struggle through the snow and ice to school and work every day regardless. Nothing closed. It has been rather different this winter, with health and safety issues, after two flakes of snow everything closes down for fear of accidents and people suing for compensation.

Now, I have a great confession. This disastrous March which we have endured is all my fault. I decided to have the exterior of my property renovated and painted. All the rotten wood removed and a new coat of paint. I chose March because for the last two years we have had our summer in March and look what's  happened. I had the external designers painting my window frames and consequently windows open in sub-zero conditions. However, just think what would have happened if I had waited until August. For the first time in history we would have had snow in August.

Despite the weather I hope those of you who celebrated Easter enjoyed the festivity. We are now in April and one-quarter of the way through 2013. The question is have you kept any resolutions? Are you one quarter of the way through your plans for this year? Have you achieved any FIRST's? Or is it time for a reawakening?

I will be at the 'Not the Hay Book Festival' on Sunday at Barton's on the High Street in Chilwell, Nottingham. Yes, only yards down the road from where I was born so if anyone is in the area on Sunday pop along and say 'Hi!'

Until next week, enjoy April.


Lady M!

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