Friday, 12 April 2013

Not the Hay Book Festival!

Ye olde Barton Buses!
A selection of stalls

 Hello Everyone!

Getting ready!
Yes, as I said last week I would be at the 'Not the Hay Book Festival' at Barton's, Chilwell, Nottingham on Sunday. I am pleased to tell you that Sat Nav was on her best behaviour and we arrived on time without taking any detours. We passed the house where I was born just a hundred yards down the High Road. I must have been taken out in my pram right passed this building over 60 years ago. Then, buses would have been a prominent feature on the High Road; today the High Road is open for business traffic only while preparations for the revival of the trams are taking place. Take a look at the photograph at the top and if you're a Nottingham person, of more mature years, it should bring back fond memories of journeys taken when 30 mph was the limit!

Anyway, back to 8.30 a.m. on Sunday when I and others arrived to set up our wares. You will observe that we heeded the warning; this is where the coaches were kept and has no heating so we all have jumpers and coats on. I was glad I had taken my gloves in with me. I was with the New Writers UK group and shared a table with our chairman, John Baird who needed to be central in order to host events. That meant that my stall was in the Food Court area.  I did not succumb to the temptation of the delicious fudge, sweets or jams which were immediately behind me. You can also see an ambulance behind that stall which was in operation long before the days of paramedics!

Temptation and an ambulance
Anyway, although there were various craft stalls the theme of the day for this Sunday's event was books and some authors read short extracts from their books in the main area while talks were taking place in the room behind me. You can see the New Writers UK blue sign behind my board. The speakers were Maureen Rushton, Gloria Morgan, Philip Baker, Alan Oxley and Stephen Booth. It was definitely a day of activity. A gentleman opposite my table was serving 'passion' food and packages and so the lady next to me who was selling shawls/blankets decided that she was selling 'passion' blankets. At one stage they were having a competition to see who could shout the loudest about their 'passion' items.
I was there
There are many reasons for attending these events and one of them is networking and meeting new members of the New Writers group. I met two this time, Paula Lofting who had travelled up from Crawley, somewhere down south and Yasir Hayat from Manchester. It was great to meet them and I wish them every success with their books. Then, there are old friends who come along and support these events. I was pleased to see the 'Awesome' Michelle Gent and her husband, Trevor, both run the Gingernut Books, an Independent Publishing Company.

Stalls at the other end of the depot
Spending the day with John made me realise just how much effort he puts into these events. He was rushing around all the time, with a copy of the programme and making sure people were introduced and in the right place at the right time as well as answering numerous questions. On behalf of all members of the NW UK, I would like to express our thanks to him for all of his hard work during the last three years.

 And, finally, when talks and readings were over there was musical entertainment ensuring a varied day with something for everyone.

Musical entertainment

Thank you to Kathy Logan and all at Barton's for their hospitality.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Marilyn, it was lovely to meet everyone and look forward to seeing you in June