Friday, 19 July 2013

Gedling Book Festival


I was there!

Hello Everyone,

Lady M still here but for the last week. Sofia and Donald will be back next week for the summer holidays and talking you through 'her' books as holiday reads.

On Saturday I was at the three day Gedling Book Festival, organised by the New Writers UK, and held in Arnot Hill Park, Nottingham. Each day had a specific theme; Friday was 'history' day, Saturday, 'children's' day, Sunday, 'crime' day. It was described as 'For writers, for readers, for everyone'. There was a full programme of events, talks, activities, performances, stalls, authors and live music. Certainly a lot of things to enjoy in beautiful surroundings and definitely something for everyone.

I was in a marquee with other authors. We all survived the heat while resisting temptation to go for a paddle and cool down in the inviting fountain and small lake. I had my usual stroll round and took photographs, (pretty pics!). This was not just a 'book' do but others were invited and joined in the fun. I'm always attracted to jewellery and loved some of the pieces on the Bijoux Blitz stand, Original Handmade Jewellery by Sally Sanderson. If you like some of her pieces contact

There's always new and interesting people to meet on  these occasions and exciting events. I'm still thinking about the 11th century Thane I encountered at Hucknall two weeks ago who was wealthy because the King had seen fit to give him two villages. Then, there are the peeps who have become like old friends. Some of you will remember Alan Dance, the historical Nottingham fiction author. I met him in the car park this time which was extremely useful because he had been exhibiting on the Friday and escorted me to the venue.
During the day many people came along and chatted. Some bought books while others took leaflets and business cards. Many of those will buy from Amazon, an Internet site or contact me later.  I have learned that these days are more about promoting one's products rather than the actual selling. One of the visitors was the Mayoress of Nottingham wearing her chain of office and accompanied by her Consort. I was most impressed by the way she went round the marquee and spent time talking to every exhibitor. She purchased one of my books which left me in the embarrassing situation of not knowing who the Mayoress actually was. I was reminded of the Government Advertising Commercial, 'Know Before You Go' in regard to knowing customs etc about countries before travelling abroad. Well, maybe in these situations one should learn about the local eminent people before one visits! She is Mrs Pauline Allan and I've made a note just in case we meet again and if you're reading this Mrs Allan, I hope you enjoy 'Time & Tide'.
I noticed two new stalls in the marquee. One was a charity, S.H.E. Survivors helping each other, a Newark based charity offering support for female adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I shall be doing a complete blog on the work of this charity in September but info may be found at  The second stall was another Fast-Print Publishing, a Print on Demand and e-book publisher. A company set up to help the self-publisher.
In the afternoon I managed a short stroll outside the marquee and thought the scene was reminiscent of the 'England Swings' days of the  'Swinging Sixties'. Yes, I know that dates me but there was the Community Choir singing by the lake, children playing, father's playing football with their children, families sitting on the grass, everyone soaking in the atmosphere as time seemed to stand still. The world and its' problems were a million miles away.
A good time was had by all. Car parking, admission and talks were all free so why not make a note of the New Writer UK events and come along and join in the fun.

Our Marquee
Lazing on a Saturday afternoon

Bijoux Blitz
Setting up
Beautiful setting!


Waterstones were there!

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