Friday, 2 August 2013

Regrets? Je ne regret rien!

Howde Folks!

Sofia here again. 'She' is working hard on finishing her book. We're delighted but she's STILL wasting time playing with her new computer!

 Do you have regrets? She, many years ago, decided that regrets were a complete waste of time. What's done is done and was done based on reasoning, knowledge and events at that particular time. With hindsight, things could have been done differently; but alas hindsight, by its very nature, always comes too late!

What are regrets?
"n. Distress, repentence, sorrow or disappointment over a desire unfulfilled or an action performed or not performed." Reader's Digest Universal Dictionary.
How often in each day do you hear people use the term 'regret' loosely with regard to a situation? It is usually something which can not be changed; so why regret it? Are you going to let regrets stay with you throughout the rest of your life? Will they determine what you do or do not do in the future?
Edith Piaf sang that she definitely had No Regrets.
Frank Sinatra sang, Regrets, I've had a few... too few to mention in My Way.
What are your opinions on regrets? Do you have any that you would like to share?

Her second published work is titled No Regrets. Originally, it was titled 'Innocent Victim', the story of an average individual who feels that her life is suddenly going off the rails. Following a divorce, disaster after disaster seems to befall her and she feels that she is not in control of the events that are going on around her at work and in her life generally, however, Joanna is a survivor and she eventually makes a brave decision to change her life.

No Regrets is Marilyn L Rice’s second novel; set in 1986 in the Midlands.
 “When we meet the heroine, 30-something Joanna, she is newly divorced and trying to rebuild her life. We share her innermost thoughts, as she realises that she has to come to terms with being an available single woman for any predatory male among her neighbours and at the school where she teaches, a hotbed of professional and sexual duplicity. How she reconciles her new role in life, copes and fails to cope with the challenges, results in a diary-based novel startling in its frankness. Marilyn L Rice brings acute observation to her story which moves along at a pace, fully involving the reader. Many will identify with the agonising decisions facing professional women. This is reality in today’s world.”    John Jenkins, Writer’s International Ltd 

This book is still available from bookshops and Amazon; ISBN 9780953945115. Retail price £8.99. Or email for details of signed copies.

Thought for the week, Life's too short for regrets!

'Stay in touch!' until next week when I'll be back.


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