Friday, 30 August 2013

Two Firsts!

Hello Everyone,

Lady M here!

I hope you have enjoyed the summer and the company of Sofia and Donald.

I have been working hard and I cannot believe that it is September in a couple of days and in about two weeks we will see Christmas decorations in the shops.

If you cast your mind back to January I was talking about 'Firsts' and suggesting that you might like to make this a year of 'firsts' for you. I had a 'first' when I visited Eastwood and D. H. Lawrence's Birthplace in the Spring. I would like to tell you about another 'first' of mine in July.

West Bromwich has recently undergone a tremendous regeneration programme and the NEW SQUARE opened in July. One of the places in it is the Odeon Cinema. I collected one of their leaflets on the day before it opened and discovered there was a 'Senior Screen' on a Thursday morning at 11.00 a.m. and you get tea/coffee and biscuits with the film for the Senior Citizen's rate of £3.50. My first was to have the FIRST ticket for the FIRST ever SENIOR SCREEN film at that cinema. It was for 'A Song for Marion'. I was really excited when (after the computer had first tried to sell me nine tickets) the cashier at the box office, or whatever they're called these days told me it was the first ticket.

I also remembered the long gone days of the 1960's when the Odeon Cinema was very different. The price was 1/9d. The seats were plush but fold up ones and it was difficult to pass people all ready seated. There  was only one screen instead of five and the reel was on a projector somewhere at the back and films could still be in black and white. Colour ones were luxury. Now, there's Premier seating and loads of room. I believe you can even buy your ticket from a machine. I don't know how! I'm not that brave. But since that first film in July, Thursday morning has gone on my calendar as film day and the highlight of the week. Since then I've seen 'The Quartet', 'Promised Land', 'Side Effects' and 'Love is all you need'. (Yes, I thought it was a Beatles' song, too.) Next week it's 'The Great Gatsby'. Also, I'm getting to know a new group of people who congregate at the Odeon on a Thursday morning!

So, that was a great 'first' for me. I almost forgot I've had another 'first' this summer. My first SKYPE conversation. I've bought a new computer, router, camera and printer/scanner. With a lot of effort I got everything set up and can communicate while seeing the other person through Skype or Facebook.

So, that's three firsts for me. How many have you achieved this year?

Have a great week!

Lady M

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