Friday, 27 September 2013

Eastwood Expo and Booktown Bonanza

I was there, honestly!
Sharing with John Baird


Hello Everyone,
Lady M still here after an exciting Saturday at the Eastwood Expo and Booktown Bonanza held at the Beauvale Priory (more about the actual priory in next week's blog).
I am pleased to be able to tell you that Sat Nav was on her best behaviour and took me straight to this, off the beaten track, venue without any mistakes and I arrived at 8.35 a.m. to set up. All the stalls were in a barn which was on the dark side hence the pics are rather dark. Apologies. I promise to do better at the next event, New Writers UK Book Festival and Fayre IX at the Gedling Civic Centre, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6LU, Saturday October 5th, As you see from the top right 'I was there' pic, I'm now minus my information board which reached the stage of having more pin holes than board. During the afternoon my chair, (circa 1985) also gave up the ghost becoming a stool and consequently left behind for disposal. I shared a table with John Baird, crime writer and  author of Chasing Shadows We were amongst several craft stalls.


Quite a selection of goods and loads of ideas for Christmas presents. There was also ample choice for settling hunger pangs with a variety of food options as well as the Gatehouse Tea Rooms. I salivated at the aroma of sizzling bacon in the morning. At one stage I was sorely tempted when the ladies on either side of me had cartons of chips, but I did not succumb.
The weather, which can make or kill any event, was dreary and drizzling in the morning when I wandered up to the Priory ruins for photographs and I had doubts about the events success but by the afternoon it was a different story. I took a stroll around and was amazed at the sunshine, warmth and number of people who had arrived and were enjoying the festivities. It was well-supported; either a popular local venue OR everyone had good Sat Navs.
It was advertised as 'a great day out for all the family' and there was enough variety to please everyone. Pony rides, Morris Dancers, Falconry Display, Children's activities, talks (John gave a talk on crime writing). Naturally, a tombola and raffle and to complete my perfect day I won a super raffle prize, a luxury bath pampering set. Last, but not last lovely music throughout the day.
A real Crooner!
The Community Choir

So, how was your week? Did you go anywhere exciting last weekend. How are the 'firsts' going? For those of you who are 'first' time visitors to my blog at the beginning of this year I talked about the joy of 'firsts' in our lives and suggested that we make this a year for numerous 'first' events. Well, this Eastwood event and visiting the Priory Ruins is another of my firsts. Have a great time in the next few days and next week I'll tell you about the Priory Ruins and history of  Carthusian monks in Nottinghamshire.
Lady M




  1. It sounds, and looks, like you had a lovely Saturday. I hope you and Marilyn sold loads of books, Lady M.

  2. It was a great day, Evelyn. Gave out loads of business cards and info and have been watching the books disappearing off Amazon ever since. Promotion rather than profit is the name of the game and enjoy it!