Friday, 25 October 2013

Libraries Today

 Hello Everyone!

A Carnegie Building

Lady M here for her last week before disappearing to Cyprus and leaving you in the capable hands of Sofia and Donald as they take you through Nostalgic November.

The Langley Library in Sandwell is one of the Carnegie libraries built with money donated by Andrew Carnegie. It has three rooms, main library, children's library and the computer room which was once the reading room.

Jigsaw Puzzles
Last week I told you about my Monday afternoon tea at this libraryand how much fun, chit-chat and laughter we have. Trust me, the big signs saying SILENCE have disappeared from libraries as have a lot of the books. From the pillar above you can see that there are events and activities daily in this library. There's an Ancestry Group, Homework Help for children after school, card making, computer classes, activities for the under 5's, even local councillor surgeries on Saturday mornings. It caters for the community's needs.

Just looking at these photos shows how things have changed. 

Once the reading room. Now, computers
Jigsaw puzzles and computers where books used to be.
The library also has boxes for used postage stamps and old spectacles that one has lying around. Yes, it's also a 'recycling' centre. Like all libraries today it is attempting to survive through changing times.

The beautiful paper/hardback glorious book is slowly disappearing in favour of ebooks, DVD's and films. How many times do we hear people say, "No, I've not read the book but I've seen the film." or "I haven't the time to read books." Well, all I can say is that you're missing a real treat. It's such a joy, an escape and relaxation to sit

Main library room
down in a comfy chair with a book. It is also more intimate and engaging than just seeing the film. What! You've never been inside a library? Make it your 'first' for this year. 

Lady M

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