Friday, 11 October 2013

New Writers UK 9th Book Festival and Fayre

Which one is the Statue?
The Books!

The Venue

Hello Everyone,

Lady M still here.

She was at The Gedling Civic Centre in Nottingham on Saturday for the 9th New Writers UK Book Festival and Fayre. Once again she was lucky with the weather when making the 90 minute journey over to Nottingham and Sat Nav very kindly took her to the correct place.

These NWUK events are becoming great social and networking occasions. It's good to meet other authors and converse over the ever changing market of the writing world. I have discovered that my books, like may others, are on sale for 1p on Amazon so I'm moving with the times. The days when readers queued at book signing sessions are disappearing fast. It's all purchasing over the Internet or downloading on Kindle and if its 'free' even better. So, I've adopted a new policy. I show people my beautiful books and talk about them and then jump for joy if they're happy to produce real money for a signed copy otherwise I give out a business card an order form and direct them to Amazon where they get a bargain et moi? I get nothing EXCEPT the satisfaction that someone is interested and wants to read my work. These are sad times for writers please be kind to us, pay a reasonable price for your books and then give a review to encourage others to buy.

Michelle and Trevor Gent of Gingernut Books talking to an interested reader while setting up
We all start arriving from 9.00 a.m. and setting up our tables. it's quite exciting wondering what the day ahead is going to bring!

Everything has to be right!

 The event officially opened at 10.00 a.m. and talks went on throughout the day beginning with Frankie Owens, the ex-offender talking about 'Surviving Prison'. Chris day followed with 'Raising Author Profiles. Other speakers were Mark Gwynne Jones, David Bowman and Steven Dunne. There were also Creative Writing Sessions for children and the final event of the day was the Awards Presentation for children who had entered the creative writing competition. An interesting, informative and exciting day for all who attended whether author or reader.

Julie Malone, Founder and President of NWUK

Awards Presentation

Anyway, Saturday was Lady M's last trip up to Nottingham this year. She's looking forward to more events next summer.

Next week she will be telling you about her Afternoon Tea sessions at a local library. Have a great week whatever you're doing. Just remember time is running out for getting 'firsts' in in 2013!

Lady M

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