Friday, 1 November 2013

Nostalgic November 1 Derekisms!

Howde Folks!

Sofia here! Yes, Donald and I are back with you for this month while she disappears. She has been sending us all round the world doing the most peculiar things. You will be able to read all about it in Love You Forever. Well, that is when she finally gets round to publishing it. She still writes with a quill, you know. We keep telling her about the computer age but she shrugs her shoulders and talks of Shakespeare.

Actually, she has been rather busy this summer. She entered some contest or other and found herself writing another story about horses in a Paddock who go on an adventure around the world and we found ourselves put on the back burner until she gave us the role of flight attendants on her plane EQU123. We spent most of the time in the restroom having fun. Then, she has been to various events in the Nottingham area, which you know about but it all takes time and she still can't believe it's November.

Anyway, here we are and I've delved into the archives to bring you my favourite blogs for Nostalgic November. I've been back to the beginning and found a very familiar one... DEREKISMS! Such memories but that was while I was downstairs. My death changed everything and one day it will happen to you. I know you don't really want to think about it but...


'Derekism' noun, adj. or verb
a person who continually complains or moans; someone who is always finding fault, a pessimist
'To Derekism' v.i. to find fault
Look After Each Other SBP edition, page 22

Just some of Derek's complaints:
The weather is always too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry
Too many adults are irresponsible parents who pamper their children
People do not look after their hearts, then expect him to perform miracles and add years to their lives. The heart is a vital organ, it should be treated with respect not disdain
Government league tables; they are futile,just stupid and meaningless figures designed by morons with nothing better to do
Ascot supporters
Tennis players; those who spent their time hitting a ball with a racquet have not got the balls to do anything worthwhile with their lives
Football; it encourages hooliganism
Drivers on the road were either road hogs or drove too slowly thus causing accidents
Junk mail
Litter on the streets
Dogs fouling on the pavement
Overgrown privet hedges and untidy gardens

Do you know a 'Derek'? Or do you think we all have a bit of a 'Derek' in us and complain far too much about things which are unimportant? Maybe we should all chill out more and relax.
What is your favourite complaint? What really annoys you? Would you like to share it on this site?
How does Sofia, the down-trodden victim and wife of this control-freak, Derek cope with him?
Sorry, you have to read the book for the answer to that one!!

Thought for the week,
Happiness comes from within oneself; to be content one needs to find an inner peace

Look After Each Other! Until next week when I'll be talking to you about Friendship!



  1. I don't know a disgruntled Derek but I know a moaning Minnie who detests alliteration


  2. I live with a "Derek". Bless his heart every little bitty thing bothers him for days. I'm totally surprised he's not had a stroke.

    Yay! My first interaction with a Blog:D