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Last Saturday, for the third time, I was at the UK Games Expo at the Metropole Hotel, NEC, Birmingham. In the last three years the event has grown beyond all belief. The massive rooms were heaving with exhibitors and excited peeps, not just children, but adults who wanted the fun of games and to recapture their lost youth. Apparently, 10,000 came through the turnstiles during the weekend. I think it will be an even larger venue next year.

Just in case  you are wondering Sat Nav was on her best behaviour and we mastered the Motorway network reaching the NEC in about 25 minutes but it took me another 30 minutes to find the hotel and free car park. The alternative was a rather large fee!  The second exit off the M42 which leads to the airport and other destinations is the one I missed again and found myself driving down the A45 to wards Coventry and then coming back to the NEC complex.

I was amazed to discover the place was buzzing at 8.45 a.m. The event didn't open to the Public until 9.30 a.m. I found the New Writers UK stand in the library with comparative ease. I had been there before. There to greet me, an old friend,
Richard's Dad, John Denning manning the stand for Richard.

So, an old friend and a new one, James Swallow. He is a mid-lister with a traditional publisher and writes Sci-fiction books about Star Trek and Star Wars.
Personally, I go not only to display and hopefully sell some books but to meet old friends, who take me down memory lane, like
The Dalek, fond memories of Dr Who in the Sixties on a Saturday night on the old black and white television set.

Later we were joined by Tom Bryson, Dave McCall and Fiona Linday. We four plus James and Sarah Newton, an author of gaming books sat on the seminar panel talking about making money from writing or rather, from the statistics and material provided by Dave and Tom, not making money. Statistics state that of 100% of authors, 98% sell about 80 books a year. It is only those at the top of the tree who make any real money from writing. For the rest of us, it is a labour of love. James had about 500,000 books in print but stated that he could only just make a living out of being a full-time writer.
I was the fourth person to speak and was amazed that no one had left the room after such bleak news so I gave my most important piece of advice: work with a professional editor before trying to brighten the afternoon with the magical moments which keep one writing. For me, it was receiving the first copy of my first book and then someone actually giving me money for a copy. My third magical moment was when I received an email pre-ordering my next book and my final magical moment was selling my first book abroad or going INTERNATIONAL! Later, that afternoon when I arrived home and checked my emails I got another magical moment...

"There are magic moments in writing that keep you going" another nugget from author @MarilynLRice @UKGamesExpo
 03:08 PM - 31 May 14


Eiman Munro who had been on the front row with an I pad had tweeted my message and pic. What an honour. I replied saying that I hoped I'd been inspirational. Apparently, I had.
At 3.00 p.m. we returned to our stand in the library and things were quietening down. Although the stand next to us selling tee-shirts at a considerably higher price than our books seemed to have a roaring trade all day.
I did sell some books, gave out information and will no doubt see sales on Amazon in the next few days. Also, met a lot of peeps and above all had FUN! So, thanks to my colleagues for a great day and look forward to a repeat performance next year.
Lady M

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