Friday, 31 October 2014



Her table
She was there.
 Howde Folks, 

Sofia still here. Lady M is excited. She launched her new book at the New Writers UK annual festival at West  Bridgford on Saturday. She selected a table in the committee room because she wanted one of the bigger tables.  You can see in the pic how she put all her books out but left one side for vino and food which went down extremely well with her colleagues and friends who visited to make a purchase. Naturally, she got someone to take a pic to prove that SHE was there. I thought she was looking good considering her age. The event was a success with many activities and speakers. She was really happy when she came home and had the usual chicken and chips celebration meal with vino while watching television. Then on Monday, she visited the library, as usual, and those nice librarians had put a pic up of her book and info about it. She is definitely on cloud nine at the moment.

At the library
So, how can you get your copy?
From HER. Just leave a comment and she will contact you.
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, websites.
Order from good bookshops.
Publisher's website:
Cost: $18 US  (Between £10 and £11.50, UK sites)
ISBN 978-1-63135-365-9

She's proud  of this award!
So, until next week, I'll love you forever.

Sofia xxxxxx


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