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                                                                Let the book say it for you!

LOVE YOU FOREVER is the final book in the SOFIA trilogy. It is not essential to have read the first two books as the first chapters explain previous events.


In the first book, LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER, Sofia visited a clairvoyant. From her reading she believed she was going to die in a few months’ time. This information caused her to take drastic action and change her life. She was determined to live it to the fullest. She had a ‘do-or-die’ list and embarked on a liberating journey of mind, body and soul. The second book, SOFIA’S LEGACY, followed Sofia through the first year of her death.


Now, in LOVE YOU FOREVER, five years have passed. It is 2010. The reader sees how dramatic and unimaginable events have changed the lives of everyone Sofia left behind at Haslington Towers. Even more surprising events occur that lead to devastating consequences. This stunning book series delves into karma, the afterlife, and more things in heaven and earth than you have ever dreamed!

 ISBN: 9781631353659   PRICE: $18, £11.15.       Soft/Paperback


Available from Publisher’s Website:   Amazon, online retailers and good bookshops.

 Or SIGNED COPIES from the Marilyn L Rice: £13.00 UK    (inc p&p) 

                                                                               $31.00  US    (inc. p&p)

                                                                               $35.00  AUS (inc. p&p)


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