Friday, 19 June 2015

Gedling Book Festival 2015, III


 Hello Everyone,

Yes, last Sunday I was up bright and early (most unusual for me!) and pleased to see the sun shining. I set off for Nottingham at 7.20 a.m. and had a good journey with very little traffic on the roads and SatNav on her best behaviour. Consequently, I was the first car on the car park at 8.50 a.m. and waiting for the concierge to unlock this beautiful Victorian building.

Once inside it was time to set up, meet colleagues, share gossip etcetera and most important, as most of you know, enjoy the egg sandwiches and coffee... BREAKFAST! When, everything is done and ready for the public I can enjoy a well earned breakfast.
Sunday, was the third day of this festival and non-fiction day as far as talks and events. The first days had been successful and we looked forward to another blustering, fun-filled, but productive day. This time the view was through the window.


I was there!
The traditional pic and living proof. I was definitely there! I gave information out to many peeps who came to admire my wares. Free stationery to anyone who made a purchase. Free sweets to anyone who passed by. I'm such a generous soul. I also pointed out to those who claimed they had far too many unread books at home and were not buying any more that they had the wrong idea. They should not be buying books to read BUT buying signed copies to store in pristine condition in the attic for their great, great, great grandchildren to find in two centuries time. Then they would be worth a fortune. They should be thinking of Jane Austen. I believe there were only 300 copies of the first print off of 'Pride and Prejudice'. Those copies, (if you can find one today) are worth thousands! I also fear that the traditional book will be obsolete in two centuries time, or a museum piece. All books will be electronic and that thought fills me with horror. I hope it will encourage you, dear readers, to continue buying 'real' books.
There was a delicious buffet lunch and events continued in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the sunshine disappeared and left us with a wet and chilly afternoon which kind of dampened the proceedings. But we had all had fun so a wet journey home was unimportant.
I would like to thank Julie Malone, the founder of New Writers UK for all the work she puts into it on our behalf and the nucleus of people in Nottingham who help her, in particular, John Baird, Rachel Littlewood, and Nick Thom. Your efforts are appreciated.
For more information about the New Writers UK, it's events and what it offers to authors visit,
For independent authors

Next week, I'll be looking at The Oak House, West Bromwich.

Have a great week.

Lady M

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