Friday, 25 September 2015

Holiday Time.... Lake Windermere

St. Oswald's Church, Grasmere.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed sharing my fantabulous Blackpool experience last week and as promised this week I am going to share my day trip to Lake Windermere with you.

William Wordsworth's Grave
It was the third day of the holiday and an early, well 9.00 a.m.start. After two days of warmth and sunshine we shivered as we walked to the coach and looked at the grey sky. Not good!

We headed off for the M55 and M6 North until we saw the sign The Lakes. Personally, I've only been to The Lakes three times in my entire life and always an en-route visit coming home from the north of England or Scotland. I confess to being as excited as a school child on a trip. The grey day did not affect my spirits.

We passed Kendal, the 'mint' town and continued to Windermere and beyond to Ambleside. Now, I was only half listening to the Rep at the Welcome Meeting when she mentioned Ambleside and thought we were stopping for coffee. We drove through this picturesque place to somewhere else... Grasmere. The home of Wordsworth and 'daffodils'. the sky was still grey and there were drops of rain but we didn't care. We were only the second coach on the coach park which meant no queues for coffee in the cafes. After a drink we sauntered into the gift shop and then over the little bridge to the church and Wordsworth family graves. I took pics!

From Grasmere we took the same route back to Bowness in Windermere for lunch and our afternoon Windermere Cruise. Another first for me. Yes, I've crossed the Sea of Galilee, cruised on the Rhine, Nile and Seine and now Windermere. It did rain for part of it but according to the guide the area is one of the wettest in England. The scenery was beautiful and we even had two tornado jets fly pass. Where did the cruise go to? Ambleside. So, we visited Ambleside three times but never stopped there. Then, we returned to Bowness and back to Blackpool. Naturally, I took pics.

Waiting to take a trip out
Swans. I just love them. So graceful
From the quayside

So, folks that was my four day mini-hols in the UK. At the moment I'm looking out of my window at a definite autumn day... orange, golden leaves falling. In the evenings I look out and notice the days are shortening and nights lengthening. Soon, it will be Halloween, November, Remembrance Sunday, Advent and Christmas but don't panic. For the next few weeks this blog will be looking at October and autumn reading and then Donald will be delving into the archive and sharing his delights with you up to Christmas.
Have a great week, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.
Lady M

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