Friday, 20 November 2015

Donald's Delights 1 Sofia & Alphabet Sex

 Howde folks,

Yes, it's me Sofia, I'm  here at last. After much pestering, Lady M has allowed me to choose my favourite blogs from the archives. Donald was rather annoyed because I always make the choice. So, for the next five weeks I'm allowing him to make the selection. We won't tell Lady M. She'll be too busy enjoying herself to notice! I KNOW I shall get a big reward for this!

Hey Peeps,
At last, I'm allowed to speak in her blogs, and make my choices from the archives. Well, my first one just has to be from our Alphabet Sex game in LOVE YOU FOREVER

Sofia & Alphabet Sex

Scott interrupted them all with a stark reminder. “You know what’s going to happen on Sunday downstairs, don’t you. We have to be in the Forest, ready for the next disaster to hit the Haslington household.”

 “Oh it’s going to be awful for Sophie.”

“But that’s not for a while yet. So Sofia, an old place or the new Alphabet Sex game?”

“You two are permanently on your honeymoon. Do you ever have a rest?” Brenda called across to them.

“Oh Mum, you know it’s our favourite hobby. Some like football, others enjoy stamp collecting; we just enjoy sex. Anyway, death can be one long honeymoon. Which letter next?”

“J.” Donald said.

“Whose turn to choose?”


“Okay. I choose Jerusalem, no Jericho. It’s the city of palms. Our souvenir can be a palm branch.”

“We’ll do both.” Donald replied.

“That’s a brill idea. We never said it had to be just one place for each letter.”

“I liked your first one, Amsterdam. I loved the tulips you brought back. Most people would get a diamond in Amsterdam.” Brenda said. “What’s going to happen when you get to ‘Z’? Is there a place beginning with ‘Z’?

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Let’s head for the Temple Mount.”

The next second they were standing on the Temple Mount in front of The Dome of The Rock.

“Wow, this place is really impressive, Sofia.”

“The Holy City. Harry Secombe sang about it and of course, ‘Jerusalem’ is the W.I. anthem and  it’s centre to three religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Inside the Dome is where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son and . . .”

“Okay, Sofia, we came for sex; spare me the lecture! Let’s go inside and get on with the business.”

“I’m not sure about this. Would it be sacrilege on a holy site?”

“Sofia, since when has that bothered you? Remember the Vatican and the Pope?”

“Well, the twins are getting confirmed soon and I’ve just had the pond, where my ashes are, blessed.”

“As you said it’s the Holy City is there anywhere that is not a religious site?”

“Good point. Let’s go to a hotel. I’d feel better.”

“Spoilsport. Is there a Hilton?”

“It doesn’t look like it. Let’s try The King David Hotel; it has 5 stars and a panoramic view of the old city.”

“Okay, King David Street, here we come. . .”

They occupied a room on the top floor. The paying guests were not present but would discover that things had been moved around on their return. Sofia went through the woman’s entire wardrobe and put the items she did not like on the floor. Then, they devoured the contents of the fruit bowl before christening the bathroom with one of their leisurely baths and using up all the bath oils. Although, all the items used by Sofia and Donald in their parallel universe would remain unused for the guests, they would not be in exactly the same positions as when the Jerusalem pilgrims had left the room.

Eventually,  when tired of bathing, after all it is not the same when you do not have a physical body, they left the bath, wrapped themselves in the beautiful white fluffy towels and Donald carried her, like his bride, into the bedroom. He treated her like a porcelain doll, and gently placed her on the bed.

“What does My Lady desire?” he asked as he removed her towel and his, carelessly throwing them onto the floor. He bowed toward her, “I am My Lady’s slave; my purpose is to do as My Lady's wishes.”

“Come here, you sexy hunk of a man.” She pulled his arm toward her, “Ravish me.”

They both fell about on the bed in uncontrollable laughter.

“What does My Lady fancy, today?” He asked as he started kissing her neck and was going to make slow progress down her body shell.

“Mmmm, this is good. I shall lay supine and savor it.” She closed her eyes and started singing, “See saw Margery Daw; Jack, shall have a new master. He shall have but.  .  .”

Donald had reached her naval, he stopped, look down on her radiant face and then grinned. “Your master understands your requirements, My Lady. Your wish is my command. The see saw, it shall be.”

He gently raised her into a sitting position, before entering her. They then clutched each others wrists and began the see saw movement. They were in their own world as they gently and slowly rocked together. “After three,” he said, “One, two, three.”

“It’s to die for.” They said in unison before falling apart in hysterical laughter.

“I am so glad you taught me Tantric and all these new sexual positions. It makes death so much more exciting.”

“Thank you, My Lady. Is it time to leave and hit Jericho?”

“I think so.”

“Where in Jericho?”

“The Walls, where else?”

“Are they still there?”

“Well, I think Joshua brought them tumbling down, but I’m sure there will be some indication of the remains so we’ll do basic, missionary style I think by the walls on the outskirts of the City and then we can wander in, have a look round and collect our souvenir.”

“Well, My Lady, then it will be ‘K’ and my choice!”

“Okay, where and what souvenir?”

“I don’t know yet. Give me time.”

“Oh you’re so funny, Donald. Give me time, indeed. What a joke.”

They hit Jericho, did the deed, collected a palm and returned to the pub where Billy was with Jack, who was still playing with his train set. Scott had popped back down to HT. Brenda was still at the bar.

“We’re home,” Sofia shouted. “Here you are Mother; one palm branch from Jericho. I’m sure it will last longer than the tulips from Amsterdam. I think it’s time for a rest before the theatre trip.”

“Okay, I’ll pop home, too. See you when we go downstairs on Sunday.” Donald kissed her on the cheek and disappeared.
So folks, that was our exciting time in Jerusalem and Jericho. After that we went to Kingston, Jamaica. I loved all our games. Read all about us in any of her three books, LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER, SOFIA'S LEGACY, LOVE YOU FOREVER.

Until next week, TTFN,



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