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Donald's Delights 2 Light a Candle

Hey Peeps,
Hope you enjoyed my first choice last week. This week I am thinking about all the disasters, natural or man-made "downstairs" and the devastation which they cause. In the last year you have endured the earthquake in Nepal. I know Lady M was particularly disturbed because she has a friend whose family were caught up in it. Also, more recently the massacre on that beach in Tunisia. Unthinkable and unexpected. A beautiful beach, peaceful, sunny, with peeps relaxing and enjoying a well-earned holiday and BANG! There have been many others. Once, they have happened there is no going back. Life has changed for ever. All we can do "upstairs" is watch and wait until you join us. However, one way of finding comfort or solace through these sad times is to keep a candle burning in remembrance. A light becomes a beacon of hope.

So this week I have chosen her original "Light a Candle" blog which was a Christmas one in 2010. She updated it after a tsunami, tornados and floods. I share her plea, "Light a Candle".

In the midst of all this gloom comes brightness, a new light, which brings happiness, warmth, joy and comfort. It is the time when Christians celebrate the birth of Christ: a time of goodwill to all men, a time to forgive and forget, and a time to give and receive. There's turkey and tinsel, sherry and mince pies, carol singers singing Silent Night, trees adorned with fairy lights; holly and ivy, mistletoe, crackers, cards, decorations, and Bing Crosby singing White Christmas.

The Church prepares for Christmas throughout Advent. Each week a candle is lit as the excitement mounts for the coming of Christ. Christians remember how Mary and Joseph made the journey to Bethlehem for a census and, while there, Mary gave birth to Jesus.
The candles burn brightly in churches around the world: the flames flicker heralding the arrival of 'the light of the world'. A burning candle radiates a warm glow; it is relaxing and romantic, it dispels fear and anguish, it is a symbol of hope.
On Christmas day there will be barbecues on beaches in sunny Australia and different traditions upheld around the world. Here in Britain there may well be a blanket of white snow with robin redbreasts chirping in gardens making nature look like the traditional Christmas card scene. In homes families will drink mulled wine and celebrate by a log fire or more probably a plasma television screen! Friends and relatives will call round with the season's greetings.
It always seems like everyone is celebrating and enjoying the festive season. It is easy to forget the poor, the homeless, starving, sick, suffering and war torn areas of the world. It is easy to forget that many arguments occur at Christmas time causing separations and that some families have lost loved ones and are in mourning and feeling sorrow, not happiness.
Light a candle for the loved ones no longer with you because they have made that final journey home.
Light a candle to celebrate the coming of Christ.
Light a candle for the homeless.
Light a candle for the sick.
Light a candle for the starving.
Light a candle for the soldiers away from their families fighting for our freedom.
Light a candle to welcome people.
Light a candle to bring a warm glow into your home.

27th May 2011,

Hello Everyone!

If you are still reading this blog you are probably doing so out of idle curiosity or because you think I'm completely bonkers! Vaguely, at the back of your mind you remember this one posted almost six months ago and anyway it is not Christmas. . .well not for another six months although the shops will be warning us that it's on it's way in about another two months.

This week, America has been hit by tornados resulting in most of Joplin, Missouri being razed to the ground. Many other areas have experienced devastation. Earlier this year Japan suffered a tsunami, thousands either killed or left homeless and before that Australia endured severe flooding.

During the week there was a request on Facebook to have candle on your profile picture, and an ongoing event until June 24th, To light up facebook -FOR ALL THOSE DEALING WITH THESE DESTRUCTIVE STORMS.

I will be burning a candle this weekend for ALL of those still suffering from one of these natural disasters this year and I urge you to do the same. Either light a candle in your home and/or place a candle on your profile picture if you are on FB. Feel free to copy and paste mine, if you do not have a suitable photo of your own.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been involved in these horrendous events.

My thought for the week: LIGHT A CANDLE


Until next week, TTFN,

Donald (& Sofia)

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