Friday, 8 January 2016

It's Quiz Time!

 Hello Everyone!

Yes, it is January again and 2016. Christmas is over, the decorations are back in their boxes and storage until December. But don't worry it'll only seem like five minutes before you are putting them up again. I hope you are 'adjusted' to January and have a piece of paper ready to write down all the good and positive things about your life this year. Stay positive, cheerful and happy. I thought we would begin this year with a quiz. As usual, no prizes, it is just for fun and answers will be available next week.

(The pic at the top? Nothing to do with the quiz, I just like it! It is from my sunset in Pafos collection so enjoy.)

1. Who seized power from President Fulgencio Batista of Cuba in 1959? Fidel Castro

2. In mythology, the phoenix is said to have risen from its own ...?Ashes

3. What is the state capital of Louisiana in the USA?Baton Rouge

4. Which green plant pigment traps the energy of sunlight for photosynthesis?Chlorophyll

5. Which US state was Elvis Presley born in?Mississippi

6. Which rock band had a 1967 hit with Waterloo Sunset?The Kinks

7.What is the second book of the Old Testament?Exodus

8. Which religion has the Koran as its holy book?Islam

9. How many people feature in Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper?13

10.Which of Henry VIII wives is buried beside him in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle? Jane Seymour

Just ten questions. Not too taxing for the beginning of the year. Have a great week!

Lady M

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