Friday, 5 February 2016

I'm back! Yes, Sofia here!

Howde Folks,

Yes, at last It's me Sofia! I'm back. Lady M is allowing me the great privilege of talking to you throughout the month of February.

For those of you who have not met me before, I'm Sofia Haslington, (nee Pemberton). I used to love life and believed it should be lived to the full. My best friend was Miranda, we went through school together and shared all our secrets with each other. I became a nurse and Miranda, a physiotherapist. We worked at the same hospital, where Derek was a heart surgeon. We dated, and I, well, as a nurse I'm embarrassed to admit that I fell pregnant by accident. Somehow, we got carried away and I didn't take precautions. Derek, being such a gentleman did the decent thing and we married. The twins came along, Donny and Sophie. I gave up work and became a full-time housewife and mother. Derek, was a twin, his brother was Donald. Dear Miranda, was infatuated with him and they married a few years after us.

The years passed by, and one day I realised I was a down-trodden victim of a control-freak and almost a prisoner in Haslington Towers; HT was the Edwardian mansion my husband owned and dominated. Everything in my life was routine and boredom. In June 2004, I bravely went to see a medium in the hope that he would tell me that the future would be brighter. JT was a wonderful man, but the information was not what I was expecting. I played the tape several times before accepting the fact that I would have an early death. I was mortified at the thought of leaving my two children but the information made me determine to change my life. No longer was Derek going to dominate me. I made a 'Do-or-die' list and set out to achieve as much as I could before I died. I started keeping diaries and counting the days to my death which I was expecting on March 5th, 2005. Well, no I didn't die then . . .

But later!

I, like everyone else, returned to watch my own funeral. It is such a revelation to observe and listen to people when they can't see you. I've also learned a lot since I arrived here. I'm proud of my children, nicknamed, 'the lovely Sofia's Legacy', by Charles, a colleague and friend of Derek's. I keep an eye on them and help them whenever I can. Life in this parallel universe can be very entertaining; time does not exist. Anyway, that is enough from me. If you want to know how I spend my days up here you can read all about it in Sofia's Legacy. Just click on to the link at the bottom.

Love you all, Sofia xxxx

p.s. Just a thought for the week: Live every day as if it's your last!
One day you will be right, and you do not know when. (I did not see that lorry coming, and didn't even realise I had died. My father, Scott, who came to collect me had a hard time convincing me!)

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