Friday, 12 February 2016

Sofia Again!

Howde Folks,

It's me here, Sofia again. I really enjoyed talking to you last week Lady M is having a blast in Cyprus. She has a big birthday coming up next week but no doubt she will tell you all about it when she comes back.

I've had a fantastic week. Well, to be more truthful, it was a bit boring at the beginning because Donald was "downstairs" helping his widowed Miranda out. Dad was also there. Then, Donald returned and we had a blast whizzing round our old haunts and doing what we do best! Sadly, my daughter had an argument with her father . ..  DEREK! That man! Anyway, I went down to comfort her and then Billy, my eldest son and I went "downstairs" to the theatre and bowling in Nottingham.

I had a surprise invitation to go to Cape Town in South Africa. Donald and I popped down there on Thursday, I think it was, but as time doesn't exist here we are never really sure. We rushed back for a party at the pub as Dad's old friend, Fred joined us. There he was playing bowls on the Green one minute and the next minute his friends were telling him it was his turn, he didn't move. They went over to him but by then he was here and partying! That's how quick death can be. And now we are partying up here and waiting for his funeral when we will all go down for some fun. We are also waiting for his nephews and nieces to discover that he has left them zilch. Instead, he has left his £4,000,000 + fortune to the National Trust!.

Well, if you want to know more about me you can read all about my life and death in Look After Each Other, Sofia's Legacy and Love You Forever. Lady M calls them The Sofia Trilogy. I was really honoured when she named them after me! Just click on to this link

Almost thought for the week ahead:

Tell your loved ones just how much you love them before it is too late!

Love you all, Sofia xxxx


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