Friday, 18 March 2016

Halcyon Cyprus Days!

Hello Everyone,
So, I have been 65 for a whole month. Hard to believe. Now, I am back in the UK with the temperature averaging 9 as opposed to 20+ and the sun is an occasional visitor as opposed to a pleasant fixture. But, but, but... I have memories. What are holidays about? Occasions which we enjoy, a fantasy world which helps us through mundane, routine days at home.  
The pic was taken from my balcony at sunset. They are beautiful in Paphos. (The sunsets, the balconies are normal!)
So what memories do I have to share with you from my halcyon days?
Sunshine and fun! I took many strolls to the harbour and enjoyed ice-cream at Gelamo. An ice cream parlour with more than 30 flavours. I was trying to sample them all. In fact, I became such a regular that Maria would see me walking down and have a cone in her hand waiting for me to make my daily choice. Then I would sit in the sunshine and count my blessings.

 Doesn't it look tasty? Two delicious freezers to choose from. That's one wonderful memory.

Then, there were all the golden, magical moments spent on the sun lounger by the pool, looking out at the sea, listening to the lapping waves while reading or maybe... yes, I confess... taking a slight afternoon snooze.  Well, one needed to prepare for the super evenings.

Dinner was always a fantastic experience at the Alexander The Great Beach Hotel. Each night was like the first night of a cabaret performance. Themed meals, vino, company and on some evenings music adding to the ambience. From the restaurant I would go to the Saga Lounge to collect a coffee and glass of Amaretto. Then a quick walk to the bar next door for shows performed by the in-house Kanika entertainment team or first class entertainers.

Now, as many of you know from my previous holidays here, I love taking a bus trip to Coral Bay and also to the old town area and market. This time I managed to lose the market. I just could not find it. I blamed the Cypriots for moving things. In 2017 Paphos will be the European City of Culture. Paphos will be ready! In preparation they are repairing the roads and making everything shipshape. So, many of the roads are closed and the bus which stops at the market now goes to the bus station. I just got lost trying to walk through the closed streets with narrow pedestrian areas toward the market. Eventually, I made it and met some old friends as well as succumbing and buying a new handbag. How did I get back? An old friend directed me via an easier route!

I enjoy travelling as a Saga passenger because they have included and optional excursions. Yes, I have been on the same excursions several times but each trip is a new experience and the scenery is wonderful. This time I managed the trip to Troodos and Kykkos Monastery which was an optional excursion. It had been the first place I had visited it Cyprus 18 years ago and somehow had never made it back until this year. I was delighted and even more so when we were returning from Kykkos in a blizzard. What better place to have a blizzard. You don't believe me?


I also managed a new experience! I had been promising myself a trip to the animal shelter and actually fitted it in. A lovely place caring for animals, horses, dogs and cats. More about that in a later blog... just one little pic or maybe two or even three to warm your heart!

So, those are some of my wonderful memories as well as my birthday. I hope you've enjoyed my sharing them with you and hopefully it will have triggered some of your own beautiful holiday or special memories.
Until next week, be happy!
Love, Lady M

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