Friday, 17 June 2016

On Your Own Doorstep... The Oak House, West Bromwich


Front view
Hello Everyone,
Last week I shared the Tudor Selly Manor with you. This week, still thinking of places to visit close to home, I would like to share The Oak House in West Bromwich with you. Yes, I first invited you to visit this beautiful place last year but I like refreshing memories!
This 17th century house is about a mile from my home. Peeps also have preconceptions of places and associate West Bromwich with industry. It does thrive on industry with several industrial estates around it, but it also has the lovely Sandwell Valley, a new shopping centre, and a Medieval Manor House as well as The Oak House. I have driven passed it many times but only visited it once about thirty years ago. It was definitely time for another visit. The first thing I noticed was a Visitor's Centre which was not there thirty years ago. It is only open during the summer months, and on three afternoons but free admission. An ideal place to take the family without breaking the bank. There are special events on site and all details can be found on the Sandwell Metropolitan Borough website.
The occupants, 400 years ago, were the Turton family who were Yeomans, or a wealthy farming family. The entrance on the ground floor leads into an impressive hall with wood panelling. On the left, the kitchen and dairy. On the right, the parlour and dining room, and behind the hall a morning room although it is believed that originally this room was a storeroom. On the first floor, bedrooms.
A few more pics below. If you're in the West Bromwich area what about a family trip out on Sunday afternoon? Where ever you live there's sure to be places 'on your own doorstep' that you've not visited. Just food for thought. Next week, I will be sharing pics and information on the beautiful Manor House in West Bromwich. Until then, have fun and EXPLORE but always carry a book with you.
Love Lady M xxxx(and Sofia xxxx)
Dining room
Servants' bedroom

kitchen table

Rear view


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