Friday, 10 June 2016

On Your Own Doorstep...Selly Manor

Hello Everyone,

This week I am transporting you to Selly Manor, a Tudor building. It is actually, (according to SatNav) 7 miles from my doorstep but a nice drive and destination for a sunny afternoon. Selly Manor is no longer in Selly Oak but was moved and is now located in Bournville, better known as 'the chocolate village'  and the home of Cadbury's...a lovely part of Birmingham.

The Manor dates back to medieval times, originally known as Smyths Tenement until 1695 when it changed ownership and fell into decline. By the end of the 19th century it had been divided into three dwellings and known as The Rookery, then it slowly fell into disuse. George Cadbury rescued it and oversaw its move to his Bournville village.

Also on the site is  Minworth Greaves, a cruck framed building thought to be about 750 years old. This hall was moved from near Sutton Coldfield and rebuilt in 1032 by Laurence Cadbury. It has an impressive oak table which runs the complete width of the hall and funerary hatchments on display. It is also where one purchases admission tickets to stroll round the garden and view the interior of The Manor House. (information from the official leaflet)

Minworth Greaves
There are guided tours available and many events scheduled throughout the year. It is also licensed for weddings and civil ceremonies.

What is inside?

Dining Table

The Kitchen

The Bedchamber

Staircase up to the garret from the bedchamber

More information available from
So, until next week, have fun wherever you are and remember to always carry a book with you!
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