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A little light reading 2


My second book!

Hello Everyone.

Now, for my SECOND published book, No Regrets.

This book was originally written during the six week summer holidays in 1987 when I was still teaching. The time taken to write a book is like the proverbial piece of string. It varies according to the author and the type of book. Writing must be about the only occupation where there is no set pattern for working. It was originally titled Innocent Victim and a diary of a divorced woman and teacher throughout the the year of 1986. I was divorced, and teaching in the UK was not easy as the education system was undergoing radical change. I was thoroughly disillusioned with the entire system and wrote a rather dramatic line, 'one day someone will realise that education is about children'! Redeployment was everywhere and the majority of my colleagues seemed to be more concerned with their own careers and promotions than with the children. I was pleased with the end result and attempted to get it published in mainstream in the late 80's and 90's. I had got a lot to learn before moving on to self-publishing.

I had approached The Citron Press Publishing Company, (now defunct) with Time & Tide  to self-publishing. They were extremely helpful. I learned all about editing, typesetting, cover, page numbering, pricing and so much more as they went through the process with me.

After Time & Tide, I decided to retrieve the Innocent Victim manuscript and rewrite it. I published a slightly longer version as No Regrets in 2003. All the characters are fictitious and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is pure coincidence. Dear Joanna finds herself in constant turmoil, 'The absolute lay on the table...'. She was divorced and had suffered the humiliation of her husband leaving her for a younger model. Everything had changed and all that she had taken for granted as a married woman had disappeared. She was now alone and must face financial, emotional, sexual and all the problems that life after a failed marriage brings. Life beyond her sanctuary continues regardless of her feelings or situation; she becomes a prey for every man in creation since Adam and learns to use sex to her own advantage...

Or as my editor at that time, John Jenkins wrote for the blurb:

No Regrets is Marilyn L Rice’s second novel; set in 1986 in the Midlands.
 “When we meet the heroine, 30-something Joanna, she is newly divorced and trying to rebuild her life. We share her innermost thoughts, as she realises that she has to come to terms with being an available single woman for any predatory male among her neighbours and at the school where she teaches, a hotbed of professional and sexual duplicity. How she reconciles her new role in life, copes and fails to cope with the challenges, results in a diary-based novel startling in its frankness. Marilyn L Rice brings acute observation to her story which moves along at a pace, fully involving the reader. Many will identify with the agonising decisions facing professional women. This is reality in today’s world.”   

This book is still available worldwide on Amazon, The Internet or from good bookshops. The ISBN is 9780953945115. Price £8.99 GBP (paperback) or contact me for a discounted and signed version.

Happy reading,

Lady M!


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