Friday, 12 August 2016

On Your Own Doorstep...WEDNESBURY

Hello Everyone,

This week Lady M has  popped into the archive to exactly twelve months ago when she told you all about a market town just four miles from home, Wednesbury.

Wednesbury is one of the six towns in the Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell. The area is also known as 'The Black Country', a term which goes back to the industrial days of smoke in the area when it always seemed to look black. It is reported that the young Princess Victoria first coined the phrase when she travelled through the area and observed that even the grass looked black under the coal dust. Although, she found the people of the area to be extremely pleasant and welcoming. It is further rumoured that when travelling through the area, in her later years,  she ordered the blinds to be drawn so that she did not have to look at!

Today, Wednesbury is a thriving regenerated market town.

In the market
Union Street, pedestrian area

In addition, it has a bus station, Police station, library, post office, banks, numerous shops and a Museum and Art Gallery. The museum has two downstairs rooms which house a Toy Collection from the 1950's and a Ruskin Pottery Collection. In addition, there is a room for activities.Who said Museums were boring? They are, like libraries, hives of activity with a programme of events especially through the school holidays. So, if you're looking for something to entertain, inform or educate your child through the remaining holidays look at your local museum or library and see what is happening. In Sandwell visit,
Upstairs are more delights, pictures, portraits and collections.
The Art Gallery and Museum

The Toy Collection
Ruskin Pottery
Nostalgia in an upstairs room

 So, why not take a leaf out of Lady M's book and visit somewhere that is local but see it in a different light or from a new perspective.
It's August so have fun!
Yours, Lady M

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