Friday, 9 September 2016

A little light reading 4

My fourth book!
Hello Everyone,

The idea for this book was to interweave three things. The inspiration, once again, came from events in my life. I once had the misfortune to meet a gentlemen whose sole aim in life was to complain and find fault. I have always had a strong relationship with my father and thirdly, have visited clairvoyants/mediums. What if? Could I work with a plot involving these three ideas and a lot of 'what if's?  It worked!

"Sofia Haslington is a 36-year-old mother and housewife kept under the thumb of her priggish, anal-retentive husband, Derek. Living by a second-to-second timetable and under strict rules enforced by her husband, Sofia decides to visit a well-respected clairvoyant, hoping for a bit of respite from her otherwise dreary existence. But what she is surprised to learn that day not only changes her changes her.
Sofia, now planning to die on March 5th 2005, writes a "Do or Die" list and, with a renewed sense of spirit, unleashes the bad girl hidden deep down inside. From breaking the Ten Commandments to exploring the marvels of Tantric sex, Sofia goes on a liberating journey of body, mind, and spirit, relishing every last minute she has left on this earth. Women everywhere will laugh, cry, and cheer as Sofia counts down her final moments, making each one more memorable and enjoyable than the last." (Blurb from SBP edition)

I self-published this book in 2007. Later, in 2009, it was republished by the American Strategic Book Publishers in hardback. Both editions (paper/softback and hardback) are still available worldwide on Amazon, The Internet and the hardback edition from good bookshops. The paperback edition is ISBN 9780953945139, price £8.99 GBP. The hardback edition is ISBN 9781608600946 and price $28.50.

Happy light  reading!

Lady M

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