Friday, 16 September 2016

A little light reading 5

My fifth book

Hello Everyone,

SOFIA'S LEGACY is the second book in my trilogy and answers the question," Is there 'life' after death?" Sofia has died, but come back from "upstairs" to watch her funeral. What a revelation! To be able to see and hear what people were saying about her now that she was dead and they had no idea she could see and hear them. And Derek? Well, if ever there was a hypocrite it's Derek. Her father, Scott was with her and while Derek was, (trying to be the centre of attention), reading a passage from 1 Corinthians at the crematorium, Scott blew smoke rings in his face. He tried to shout above the smoke rings. It was hilarious. You really have to read it to fully appreciate it.  After the service Scott and Sofia joined them for the wake at Haslington Towers.

Sofia becomes accustomed to her new life in a world where time does not exist but where they keep an eye on events "downstairs" and try to help or hinder things. She manages to complete the 'do-or-die' list. Donald and she have many exciting adventures together. They also repeat some of the most enjoyable events; that's another advantage to being deceased or having passed over, because time doesn't exist  experiences may be repeated.

I'm afraid I'm not going to tell you anything else. Just read the book.

SOFIA'S LEGACY (ISBN 9781609763800) $16.50 softback/ £10.50 RRP in the UK but if you would like to order a copy from me, I will give you a special price £8.00 + p&p . Just email; for further details or you can download on Kindle and all eBooks. Just put the title or ISBN in Amazon, B & N, bookshops on line or Search Engine.
Happy light reading!
Lady M                    


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