Friday, 14 October 2016

Riding the trams!

Trams arriving and leaving Grand Central

Hello Everyone,

Lady M still here for a couple of weeks before Sofia returns taking you into the archives for blogs which she enjoyed. It is October with Christmas around the corner or looming even closer on the horizon. Christmas heralds the end of 2016; another year gone. Where did it go? What happened? Did I miss it? Or, did I make the most of its opportunities? One thing I have done is enjoy the use of my concessionary travel pass; one of the perks of being a senior citizen.

On Wednesday last week I strolled down to the Metro Station and caught the tram into Birmingham Grand Central. I observed a strong Police presence which meant either a code red alert in which case I should have left quickly or the Prime Minister was in the city for the Conservative Conference. I decided it was the latter and went straight up to Costa for a panini and cappuccino. Most enjoyable. Then a quick look in the shops before wandering down to New Street and observing or tasting the atmosphere of the pedestrianised area of the city.

Tram arriving for Wolverhampton!
Next, back to the trams and wait for one to take me to Wolverhampton. I love it when I give the conductor my card and he/she places it on a reader registering my details and right as an OAP  in the UK to travel for free on buses and local trams/trains. It's even better when I see people paying cash for tickets and I realise just how much money old age is saving me. I was rather alarmed to note the number of peeps who seemed to have no idea where they were, what they were doing or what day it was, they just had heads down and fingers on their phones texting. I observed one person with a book but even he preferred his phone. Conversation? Sadly lacking. That apart, it was an enjoyable and surprisingly leafy journey through the urban environment until we were on the outskirts of Wolverhampton. Then, the tram changed from rail to road and it was buildings and traffic lights. The whole journey had 24 stops and lasted for 42 minutes and was a great experience.

In Wolverhampton I had a wander round the Mander and Wulfrun Centres before returning to West Bromwich. I can also understand why so many peeps with concessionary passes 'ride the buses/trams' rather than stay at home. It is a pleasant way of getting out of the house and watching the world go by!

Whatever your age, enjoy yourself, make the most of opportunities and be happy.

Approaching Wolverhampton
New Street...peeps mulling around and a busker!

A leafy ride!

The end of the ride.
Tram in Wolverhampton

Lady M xxxx

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