Friday, 28 October 2016

Sofia's Selection 1... Halloween

 Howde Folks,

At last Lady M has allowed me MY CHOICE. I am selecting blogs that Donald and I have enjoyed from the archives. You want to know where we have been since the spring when she returned? Need you ask? We have been indulging in our favourite hobby and enjoying ourselves around the globe revisiting our old haunts and keeping a watchful eye on our family. The Haslington's have settled in their new home in Australia. Derek has learned to live with his health problems and accept his role as First Aid Officer to Miranda's staff. She adores her new lifestyle and both my children are much happier with their new life and school. They have made new friends and see the past as a closed chapter. If you want to know more about them... you know where you can buy all Lady M's books about us.

Anyway, on to my first choice. I noticed on the calendar that Halloween is on Monday evening. Donald and I remember the fun we had at Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor. We wanted to experience the haunting but we ended up doing the haunting! I found her blog on Halloween posted originally in 2010 and so that is the one I am sharing with you today. Enjoy!

Traditionally, it is the night when witches and ghosts are particularly active. It stems from 'All Hallows Even' which simply means the eve of Hallows Day or November 1st which is, in the Church calendar, All Saints Day. On November 1st the Church remembers, honours and respects all of the saints, and offers prayers and intercessions for them.

Until recently, October 31st was nothing more than the eve of Hallows Day, rather like Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas Day. However, it has now become quite a secular and commercialised annual event and divorced from it's original religious roots. Retailers consider it to be another way of profit-making from specialised merchandise. From September Halloween goods are on display in shops: costumes (ghosts, skeletons and witches), lanterns, pumpkins, candles, toys, party goodies . . .

Some of the activities associated with this night are 'trick or treat', where children wearing a fancy dress costume arrive on the doorstep and ask, 'Trick or treat?' They wait for sweets, chocolates or other treat and if not provided they play a trick or prank on the householder. Then there is story telling, naturally - ghost stories, apple bobbing, visiting 'haunted' properties, watching horror movies or simply gathering around a bonfire with pumpkin (jack-o') lanterns.

It is an autumnal event and as such is associated with the colours of black and orange. Black for darkness and orange representing leaves, fires and jack-o'lanterns. Some of the foods associated with Halloween are bonfire toffee, candy apples, candy corn and pumpkin pie. So, wherever you are and whatever you're doing on Monday night enjoy it!

 Have a great November folks. I leave you with - thought for the month: There are more things in Heaven and earth than we will ever understand.

Love to you all, Sofia and Donald xxxx

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