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Sofia's Selection 4 ... exciting places for sex!

Howde Folks!

I'm still here! I just couldn't resist this one in my selection for the second time. It is about my favourite hobby. SEX! You all know that I had a boring sex life with Derek but that changed when I began my affair with my brother-in-law. We've tried every position in life and death and we've done it in some exciting places. So, I had to select, where is the most interesting place you've had sex. Feel free to add comments or give us some ideas! Have a great week, but to use the old adage, if you can't be good, be careful!


Sofia here again. I hope you all enjoyed reading about me and my bucket list last week. (From 9/11/12

I am going to share this list with you:

1. Make a will.
2. Act and dress as Lady Godiva.
3. Take tea at the Ritz.
4. Be pampered at a health spa.
5. Travel on the Orient Express.
6. Spend Hogmanay in Edinburgh.
7. Spend a night in a Haunted House.
8. Ride in a hot air balloon or do a parachute jump.
9. Visit a casino.
10. Shopping trip to New York.
11. Visit Athens and the Acropolis.
12. Join the Mile High Club.
13. Break all the Commandments.
14. Walk a mile along the Equator.

Well, those were my first 14, later I added some more. That's the great thing about such a list... you just keep adding to it.

15. Commit arson.
16. Experience Tantric sex.
17. Visit Santa in Lapland. (That was going to be a treat for my children)
18. Write letters to those left behind and prepare presents for the children up to their 18th birthdays.
19. Be Robin Hood, take from the rich and give to the poor.

I had a lot of fun doing the things on this list before I died. Although, sadly, I did not complete it. However, I finished it after my sad demise.

Today, I urge you to make a bucket list AND if possible, share it with us.)

Hopefully, it has inspired some of you to change your life style. I certainly had more fun after I created that list despite the sadness of knowing that my days on the earth were coming to an end. There was something refreshing and positive about the list. It gave me determination, a new lease of life, happiness with goals to achieve and a new way forward.

Of course, when I began the list I had no way of knowing that I was going to have a relationship with Donald. He taught me so much about sex. I did not know what I had been missing with Derek's predictable, clinical key-hole sex on a Saturday night. In fact, sex was to become my favourite hobby and it is just as thrilling in the parallel universe "upstairs" as it is "downstairs" but there is one big advantage now and when I tell you some of the places that we have enjoyed sex you will probably realise what it is.

Our number one spot was on a capsule on the London Eye in front of several nuns. Then, there was the time we were at the Vatican and decided to give ourselves an audience with the Pope. We also enjoyed it on the Equator and on the Great Wall of China. We were on Bourbon Street in New Orleans when Katrina hit; but we were not responsible for that. Then, there was the time we joined the twins and Miranda on a trip to Lapland and could not resist the log cabin right under Santa's nose... that was exciting. Naturally, we are fully paid-up members of the Mile High Club.

So, go on be brave.... share some of your most exciting intimate moments. You never know, you might be helping someone out. If you want to know more about our intimate life together, you know where you can find us both. Happy Reading every one. (First published in October 2012)

Thought for the week: Try everything in life at least ONCE!

Love Sofia xxxx


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