Friday, 30 December 2016

Sofia's Selection 10 ... 65! Another milestone reached and survived!

Howde Folks,

This is my last week with you and the end of 2016. I hope you have enjoyed my last couple of months taking you down memory lane. Lady M has not paid my salary so I am taking my leave of you and she will be returning in 2017. I would like to wish you  a happy and prosperous 2017 from all the Haslington family. My last choice is the one that reminds her of her age! Enjoy!  Sofia  xxxx


Pensioners out there will sympathise with my plight of what to wear for such an occasion. Also, my fear of blinking in case 70 arrives because it does not seem like five years since my 60th birthday. As you see from the above pic I believe in recycling clothes. This was the tee-shirt I purchased for my 60th altered with a highlighter to suit the occasion. Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know that I have found a new place, 'Gelamo's' where there is a selection of ice-creams to die for.

So, when this milestone in my life arrived, how did I spend the day?
In one of my favourite places, Paphos, and with friends. I woke up and sighed in disbelief, opened the curtains to glorious sunshine and view of the harbour. After presents (oh yes, I had warned friends that I would be away and to send gifts early... forward planning on my part) and breakfast I took my stroll along the beach path to the harbour for my daily fix of ice-cream. Just look at that pic. Happy! Happy! Happy! Next, met my dear friend Boris before strolling back to the hotel for lunch.

In the afternoon? Relaxing on the sun-lounger, a little light reading and snooze until the sun went down. Then returned to my room and what did I find?


Yes, yippee... cake and champagne from The Alexander the Great Beach Hotel. I just love being pampered. Somehow, I managed to eat the cake and drink the champers. Well, it would be rude not to wouldn't it? It was delicious. Sorry folks, too delicious to share.

Then, the final part of the day. Mexican dinner in the restaurant with another special birthday cake and candle. The last part of the day? In the bar. Where else?

So, the perfect Paphos day.

I am now planning the next five years. Milestones are a part of life. How we deal with them is personal choice. Enjoy, weep or ignore.

How do you spend your milestones?

Until next week... be happy and if you have a milestone coming up accept it and try to enjoy it..

Lady M.

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