Friday, 20 January 2017

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

The Georgian Room
Hello Everyone,

It is still January. I hope you are surviving it. Stay positive. We have passed the half way mark and Friday 13th. We are always happier when the sun shines and miserable if it's a cloudy, drab and grey day. Personally, I do not like the rain although I do know a lot of peeps who enjoy walking in the rain and appreciate it's freshness and life giving quality.

Today, I thought I would share with you one of my experiences of last week. On Wednesday, it was cold and breezy but sunny and I took the opportunity of a day out. In fact, it was so sunny that some peeps were wearing shades oblivious to the fact that snow was on its way. In fact, it arrived six hours later.  I used my concessionary bus pass... I just love that perk of my senior years! I indulged in a recent hobby of riding the trams and went to Wolverhampton. Many may ask, 'Why?' I reply, 'Why not.' Wolverhampton is like anywhere else. It has a lot to offer. This time I visited the most impressive Art Gallery. The elaborate oak-panelled entrance hall makes one step back to a time when buildings were designed to be attractive, and last for posterity unlike today's constructions which seem to arrive in five minutes and disappear as quickly. Admission is free and wandering round the rooms was impressive and illuminating.

The impressive oak-panelled entrance hall and staircase

I began in the room on the right and was mesmerised by the Victorian Playtime exhibition. In the next room an exhibition close to my heart... Art and Writing. I looked at the typewriter and suddenly appreciated the computer and all it's problems. I would never have finished my first book if I had been working on that one.

Imagine writing a novel on that!
Next,  I visited the  Roy Lichtenstein exhibition. Lichtenstein was a major contributor to the Pop Art movement in New York in the swinging sixties. I had heard of this artist but had not realised the impact of his distinctive works; his use of colour, black outlines and dots to create his own distinctive style. This exhibition is on until February 26th, if you are in the Wolverhampton area pop along and be impressed.

Finally, I strolled through the Victorian and Georgian rooms before having lunch in the cafĂ©. In the Georgian room I had fun opening drawers, looking at exhibits in them and also listening to an audio description of the period. I even tried on hats from that era and admired myself in the mirror. I could have dressed up in period costume but decided to forgo that activity. In the Victorian room I admired the dress on display; I would have liked to dress up in it although not sure about being comfortable in the required undergarments! Yes, I had a great time. After all life is what you make it. If you are sitting at home waiting for the spring have a look around your area. I am sure you will find something of interest to do. Most museums and art galleries run by councils do have free admission and are fascinating places to visit.

THAT Victorian dress.

Thank you to all at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
Have a great week wherever you go and whatever you do!
Love to you all, Lady M

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