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The Blackpool Poet, MR DARRYL ASHTON 1


      Mr Darryl Ashton's autobiography:      
 Darryl Ashton is now medically retired, but he was a silver service Restaurant
Manager where his skills took him to land a job on the QE2. He is single, and
has no children - well, none that he knows about! He is a very keen writer,
mainly of poetry, covering all kinds of topics; including, humour and more
serious writings too. He thrives on political satire, and is equipped with a
fantastic, and very wicked sense of humour matched with an incredible

 Darryl also does stand-up comedy poem performances and is involved with
various charity work. At one time, he raised an incredible £50,000 just by
reading his own poems. His poems have also won several major competitions
and he is also a leading reader of poems at various poetry groups on the Fylde
Coast, Blackpool, Cleveleys and Lytham, all in the sunny and very friendly
borough of Lancashire. Darryl is originally from Great Harwood, a little town on
the border with Accrington and Blackburn. He is a keen teller of jokes, and
writing just about anything that takes his  interest. Darryl says he's a late
starter - he has been writing his poetry for only five years! And he's only just
got to grips with his computer.

 One really surprising thing that happened to Darryl was receiving an invitation
from Her Majesty the Queen, to go to Buckingham Palace to actually meet the
Queen where she complimented him on his poems and his fundraising efforts.
Darryl also won first prize in a world-wide Elvis Presley poem competition which
was organised by Graceland - Darry was invited to Graceland where he
performed his prize-winning poems featuring Elvis Presley. Darryl is also due to
appear on Britain's Got Talent this year as a stand up comedian and a comedy
One of his crowning glory moments was having his poetry read on Countdown. Yes, we would all like to be smart enough to be a contestant on Countdown but if you cannot be there in person what better than having one of your poems read by Jeff Stelling? So, click on to the link and be amused with BODY TALK...REMOTELY.
Amused? On a different note I would like to share two of his other poems with you:

Image courtesy of Wiki Commons

We’re getting near to Christmas,
There’s lots of things to do.
There’s cards to write and gifts
to pack
To friends both old and new.

We’ll think about the good old
When Father Christmas came
And left a shiny penny,
And a tangerine and a game.

We’d have a lovely dinner,
Turkey, Yorkshire, spuds and
And a home-made Christmas
With mince pies, without a

And nuts and dates, oh, what
a treat,
And paper chains were hung,
Then someone played piano,
And carols would be sung.

Let’s think about the Christ
As he in the manger lay,
And remember that without
There would be no Christmas



Reindeer Midnight - Santa Pictures
Funny Reindeer Pictures

Christmas is coming
Everyone’s getting stressed,
The Infant Christmas Production
Is putting us to the test.

We’re on the way to Bethlehem,
The children are finally dressed,
The costumes have seen betters
days –
It’s a pity they weren’t pressed!

Joseph is teasing the donkey
Who is terribly, terribly slow
And has now stopped altogether
Because he doesn’t want to go.

We’ve got too many angels,
The stars are thick on the ground,
Yet when we ask them all to sing
It’s hard to hear a sound.

The Kings forgot the presents,
The camels haven’t appeared,
Mary is looking tearful
Just as we all had feared.

Instead of ‘Sorry, there is no
The innkeeper opens the door,
He tells them they can go inside
And sit down on the floor.

The villagers are fighting,
The shepherds kick the sheep,
Some of the narrators
Are sounding half asleep.

The doll was in the manger
Now Mary takes it out,
She’s gone from tearful to
And she’s waving it about.

Then comes the Grand Finale,
There’s a puddle on the floor,
It’s time to call a finish
Or there’ll be a whole lot more.

So things are just as always
Becoming extremely fraught –
But the parents will think it’s
That’s such a comforting thought!

The Panto was a success, that
we do now know,
All those girls and boys – they
really did all glow.
Merry Christmas to all the
children, as they all do play,
But don’t forget to go to bed
early – as Santa arrives on his

A drunken Santa has made it
And beat the traffic queue!
He now flies home to Lapland,
With a sherry in his hand!
He shouts; “Merry Christmas,
folks, and gives a cheeky wink”,
He flies away, oh so fast – he
daren’t even blink! 


More of Darryl's poetry in the next two weeks but you may find more about him on Facebook:

So, until next week... be happy... Yours, Lady M xxx

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