Friday, 31 March 2017

The Blackpool Poet, MR DARRYL ASHTON 3



Hello Everyone,

I hope we have all enjoyed Darryl's poetry during the last weeks.

For this final week with Darryl I would like to show you his spiritual side, and introduce you to his latest book,  Poems From My Heart. Very different from his satirical work.

I have selected  A BRAND NEW TOMORROW  as his last poem on these blogs. It may be sad but also reflective. Enjoy!


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The moon shines down,
and, oh, what a sight.
My spirit is lifted - and
feels such delight.
My hands do tremble,
it isn't good,
But my soul is troubled - 
I hide under my hood.

The journey I take will
soon be over,
My brain is hurt - why
do I bother?
The life I lead is not
for me,
I look out yonder - to
the inviting sea.

I feel nothing - no love,
no life,
How I wish I had a wife.
I'd cherish and love her -
that's for sure,
Because true love my
friends, is the perfect

I stand alone against the
Hoping and praying I do
so fall.
My mind is troubled - I
feel no life,
How do I go on - I feel
such strife.

I try to grasp the air
around me,
But all I feel is more
anguish and no loyalty.
How do I manage - is
this really my life?
As all I want is a loving

But my feelings are all
damaged - I do not lie,
'I can't go on - why do
I try?'
The prosecution of this
body of mine is decay,
Will it give way, and
and will happiness save
the day?

Oh, Lord, my God, please
hear my prayer -
Please send an angel to
help me to care.
Touched by an angel - is
there some magic?
'Or, will my life be oh, so

The scent I smell is a 
holy smell,
Do I feel God - and his
love to dwell?
My soul is now blessed,
as I sleep for now,
And in dreams I go - 
my soul - I shall bow.

'Thy miracle of life, is
there some for me?'
A kiss from God - and
it's free!
I will be positive - that
is my aim,
To seek out a new life,
and feel no more shame.

My soul feels love - I now
thank the lord,
He answered my prayer -
he said: 'Come on board!'
'Now I'm 'FREE' - no more
My new life starts here -
and a brand new tomorrow.'


So, I wish you all a happy today and  tomorrow wherever you may be.

Lady M xxxxx


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