Friday, 9 June 2017

A book is a gift for life.


Hello Everyone,

The beautiful book with a colourful cover and lots of paper pages to turn and enjoy, not to mention the delightful feeling and aroma as you cradle it in your hands, is sadly dying out in favour of electronic versions. They are just not the same. In order to save them we must continue to purchase them.

Presents and cards are items which we all give frequently. There are so many occasions for them... wedding... new arrival... thank you... Valentine's Day. The list is endless.

Maybe you take the easy way out and just give cash or vouchers thinking that the individual would prefer to buy their own gift. Or do you give thought to a gift? What would the recipient really like? What would they appreciate? The cost will probably be a consideration. We can't all afford to give diamonds and new cars. But do you purchase something that will give immediate gratification like chocolates or flowers? Both are beautiful thoughts and gifts but with a shelf life. Perhaps you select something more personal that will last for a longer period of time... ornaments...electrical items?

When the gift has been chosen the next thing is the wrapping. Is it being delivered by hand or mail? If mail it needs to be carefully packed but if by hand it may be more decorative with beautiful wrapping paper and possibly ribbons and a gift tag or a more modern way is to put it in a gift bag. Or maybe you don't bother. Just hand it over!

Then, there is receiving a gift. Do your eyes light up when receiving a surprise package? Do you enjoy playing with it and trying to guess what it is first? I am always very slow at unwrapping things so that I can savour the moment when I solve the mystery of the content. Do you appreciate the gift whatever it is or are you thinking about recycling it or how much you can sell it for on an online auction site?

When thinking about a gift in the future I would like you to think about giving a book, one that is appropriate for the intended recipient, it will be a GIFT FOR LIFE and a way of keeping the paper editions alive! Yes, I would like you to give one of mine but a book by any author is supporting them  and their writing! Do I hear you say that a book is always an obvious gift from the packing? Yes, you are correct BUT you don't know what book it is do you?

Happy reading!

Lady M

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