Friday, 19 January 2018

On Your Own Doorstep... Croome Court

Howde Folks,

Yes, Donald and I are still here trying to brighten your January days. We hope Lady M's quotes about life, last week, put a smile on your faces. We all know that Lady M is a great believer in visiting places near to home as opposed to travelling abroad and not having any idea about your own locality. Last November she took a day trip to Croome Court, a National Trust property, about 35 miles from her home but it was a nice drive on a sunny morning. We thought we would share her experience with you.

Croome Court is a mid-18th century mansion and was the ancestral home of the Earls of Coventry. It is reminiscent of the old days when stately homes housed the aristocracy up and down our land, and many staff waited on them. A time of gracious living for the privileged few recreated in recent years in a television drama Downton Abbey. In 1948 the family fell upon hard times after the 10th Earl was killed in action in 1940. Most of the contents and the house were sold. It was turned into a school for disadvantaged boys and run by nuns. Later, in 1979 it was sold to the Hare Krishna movement. Then, there were a succession of owners until the national Trust acquired it. 

Today, Croome Court is a place of surprises. There is not only the house and the parkland which has also been restored by the National Trust but The Church of St Mary Magdeline, the London Arch, Rotunda, (a beautiful place to admire the views), a walled garden, lake, Temple Greenhouse and a big surprise, The RAF Defford Museum. Lady M said that she had no idea of its existence to which the curator replied that a lot of people said the same. During the war, the land was commissioned for the RAF and it was a hive of military activity. 

Croome Court is a place where you can spend an hour, a morning, afternoon or a day. It's a great place to walk, if you are so inclined. For the less able there is a shuttle service, from the entrance to the house. Our Lady M walked down to the house via the church and Rotunda but took the easy route back and was ready for her lunch. Lunch was an interesting experience in fitting with the environment. The restaurant is in the visitor and museum area and resembles the 1940's canteen but the jacket potatoes were great. After refreshment she went into the museum and then visited the shop before leaving. She had a great day, but then she usually does.

She also took some pretty pics which we are privileged to have.

Church of St Mary Magdalene
The Rotunda

War time tea car

The Museum and Visitor Centre
Well, it was before Christmas!

The London Arch

You may find out all the info you need from 

Next week is our last week with you before Lady M returns. Then, I guess we'll be allowed to do our own thing until next winter! So, we are deciding which are our exciting events we are going to share with you. Until then, have a great week.

Love to you all, Sofia & Donald xxxx

Friday, 12 January 2018

Life is...

Howde Folks, 

It is the 12th January and Christmas 2017 seems like a distant memory. Donald and I are still happy. In fact, we are always happy but then to discover the secret of continual happiness you have to have had the misfortune to be deceased. Now, we know that many of you get a little depressed at this time of the year because the decorations have gone, the parties are over, and things seem a little bleak. We would like to cheer you up... spring is round the corner!

We would like to give you a few quotes from Lady M's little booklet about life.

Life is a carousel... go round and round until you are dizzy!
Life is what you make it... smile and be happy.
Life is full of sunny days if you avoid the rain.
Life is wonderful... make every day count.  
Life is like fish and chips… tasteless without salt and vinegar.
Life is a song… learn the lyrics.
Life is a dance… keep rocking, swinging, and jiving.  
Life is a long holiday… if you have the right attitude toward it.
Life is an experience… live it to the full.   
Life is a party…just be yourself and enjoy it.
Life is like ‘snakes and ladders’... up and down. Accept it.
Life is a kind of the lion king.
Life is like a shopping trip...get all you want out of it.
Life is just like afternoon tea ...  if you like cakes, scones and jam.
Life can be like the stars … if you make it twinkle for you.
Life is like a rainbow… colourful!
Life is full of opportunities… take them. 
Life is like a movie…thriller, tragedy, comedy? Your choice.
Life is like a ghost train…a scary and exciting ride.

So, through the dreary January days try to smile, be happy, enjoy the little things like fish and chips, keep dancing, go out for afternoon tea, think of rainbows, do things that make you dizzy... life is an experience.

If you would like to read more of her quotes and words of wisdom just pop the title and her name into Kindle and download this little ebook.

January, like last Christmas, will soon be a distant memory.

Love to you all, Sofia  and Donald xxx

Remember you can read all about us in Lady M's books! 


Friday, 5 January 2018

HAPPY 2018

Howde Folks,

Yes, Donald and I are still here. We know that Lady M usually has some advice for the year ahead but all we want to do is wish each and everyone of you

                  A HAPPY AND BLESSED 2018

We love you all and are staying with you for a while longer.

Sofia, Donald (and Lady M)  xxxx