Friday, 15 June 2018

It's midnight in MOSCOW - nostalgia!

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I'm still in the archives and feeling nostalgic. Back in 2011 Sofia and Donald took over through the summer and took us on a whirlwind tour of various cities including Moscow. Now Moscow has memories for me from 1976 and so I have chosen repost this post first published on 13/08/2011. It seems like yesterday. Oh boy, I'm aging quickly!

 Hi ya folks!

Donald and I have enjoyed our time in Beijing. We hear you have been having riots at home. Well, why don't you come and join us as we leave China and head west to Russia. 'She' is really pleased with this one. Apparently, 'she' and a friend spent the New Year or 'Midnight in Moscow' in 1976. We keep telling her that things have changed since the communist days of the USSR. Apparently, she learned the Russian alphabet and some of the language to 'O' level standard at school. She can only remember a few words now, but it helped her with the Greek alphabet.
"Come on Sofia...get a move on. We are about to take off."
"OK, seatbelts fastened. Enjoy a good book. Let's hit the skies."

1. Moscow (Moskva in Russian) is the capital of Russia; in Eastern Europe/Asia.

2. It is named after the river on which it stands - The Moskva

3. It is situated on the west side of the Russian Federation.

4. It has been a Republic since 1991.

5. The main language is Russian, although English, French and German are spoken by some people.

6. The main religion is Christianity, (Russian Orthodox). Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish minorities do exist.

7. The currency is the Rouble. 1 Rouble = 100 kopeks.

8. This capital was founded in 1147, but there is evidence of previous settlements.

9. The focal point is the Red Square.

10. The Kremlin is on one side of Red Square, it is surrounded by a thick red fortress wall. The Kremlin contains twenty very ornate towers and today it is the home of the Russian President. It is also one of the World Heritage sites in the city.

11. In Red Square is, the well-known landmark, St. Basil's Cathedral.

12. The Lenin Mausoleum is still in Red Square. His embalmed body has been on public display there since shortly after his death in 1924. People still visit, but the changing of the guard which attracted many visitors was discontinued in 1993.

13. The State Historical Musem is also in Red Square.

14. Moscow boast 96 parks and 18 gardens including 4 Botanical gardens. It also has a large area of green zones and forests. It is a very 'green' city in comparison with others, of similar size, in Europe.

15. Moscow is the home of the world famous Bolshoi Ballet; Bolshoi simply means 'big'!

16. It is a cultural city having 93 cinemas, 132 theatres and 24 concert halls.

17. There are two large circuses, the Moscow State Circus and the Moscow Circus.

18.Moscow is one of the largest city economies in Europe and has the lowest unemployment rate in the Federation of Russia.

19. It is the financial centre of Russia.

20. If you are a resident of Moscow, you are a Moskvitch (English, Muscovite)

"She's finished, Sofia, so guess we'll be landing soon."
"We'll head for the Red Square, I think Donald. Have you noticed how she's been showing her knowledge of Russian? Bolshoi means 'big'! She saw a performance of the Bolshoi, didn't she?"
"Yes, Sofia and she stood outside on New Year's Eve watching the changing of the guard on Lenin's tomb when it was 30 below freezing!"
"She was bonkers in her youth!"
"Just in her youth, Sofia? Anyway, she is talking about her trip to Russia and other things in an interview with  Sarah Butland this week.
"Oh, I can't wait!"
"Well, you will have to, until Tuesday. Good things are worth waiting for."
"OK. We've landed, let's go and do you know what in the Red Square."

Thought for the week:It is true that liberty is precious: so precious that it must be rationed. (V I Lenin, The State and Revolution, 1917)

Friday, 8 June 2018

New wheels... nostalgia!

Hello Everyone,

I hope my reposting of Positivity last week helped some of you if you were having difficulties find a solution to problems. I've had fun going through the archives and have decided during June and July to be nostalgic and repost some of the older ones. You may argue that I'm too lazy to do new ones! Moi!! Ha ha! The oldest one I have goes back to May 2010 when I was forced to buy a new vehicle after a thief helped himself to my beautiful 20 year old Micra. He was caught and had stolen other vehicles; he received a custodial sentence. So, he went to prison and I got a new car. Sounds fair to me. 'Baby' and I have had a lot of fun together and been to many places like Burley and Blackpool on holidays, numerous trips to New Writers UK events and that would not have happened without Sat Nav (acquired by accident!). I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason. I obviously needed to buy a new car although I still miss my 1990 Micra. I can't believe it's been 8 years but please join me in my little visit down memory lane.

Until next week, have fun and be careful driving.

Love Lady M xxxxx


Hello Everyone,

On Thursday afternoon I brought my new and expensive baby home. Our first gentle drive together was a difficult one as I have only driven one vehicle in the last twenty years. In 1990 the salesperson took ten minutes to show me all the controls; this time it was forty-five minutes which included setting up my mobile with the installed Bluetooth so that should my phone ring while I'm driving I just press the button with the phone symbol on it on the steering wheel and I can hear and talk to the person at the other end. Alexander Graham Bell we've come along way since that first historic call.

Unfortunately, the wipers and indicators have changed sides which means that should I choose to turn left the windscreen wipers suddenly charge across the screen. Old habits die hard but I'm learning. Fortunately, the number plate is a clear indication that my baby is new or it could just be the way I'm driving that cause drivers behind to drop back and treat me with caution. This is most unusual as a Nissan Micra, a small and slow car, usually means driver speed up and overtake. You will see from the photographs that I am like a proud parent with another new offspring. She is named Baby May Ten or Bee Gee after her registration letters. When we arrived home with only sixteen miles on her digital odometer and a clear flashing warning me that I only have enough juice to do another thirty-six miles I park her, talk to her and of course take the photos and immediately post them on Facebook. Then we have to practice reverse and put her in her new apartment for the night.

I then go down Memory Lane. Have I really been driving for forty years? Those driving behind me would probably doubt it. Bee Gee is only my sixth car and had my fifth one not been stolen there would never have been a sixth. In the seventies I had two second-hand minis and recall the problems of the choke and flooding the engine. My uncle was in the trade and was one of the first to bring the Japanese Honda cars into Britain. In 1977 I bought my first new car, a beautiful silver Civic; she was the 'S Plate special' and a silver streak bombing around Birmingham with heads turning to admire her. In 1981 we parted company and I bought an automatic red Civic with a radio installed - what luxury! A radio in a car.

In 1990 I switched to Micras and was relieved to find that the choke was no longer necessary. One just turned on the ignition and pressed the accelerator pedal. This car had both a radio and a clock. It was a far cry from the days of the fifties when my father would allow a good ten minutes to start the car as he put the crank (starting handle) in the front of the engine and turned it while secretly praying that it would actually start.

So, what does your car say about you?

People tend to have their own favourite makes and models. Some people like small cars others large or sporty models. What car do you have? Why do you like it? Does your vehicle have a name? What colour is it? Is it diesel or petrol engine? What does a red flame Nissan Micra say about me?
It is a small, slow car and an automatic. It's easy to park as I confess to being a typical woman. I recall the conversations with my father who would say that there was enough room to park a double-decker bus as I looked for a larger parking space. I'd reply that I needed room for a double-decker bus and an aeroplane.

I've been given one piece of good advice which I share with you; always keep an atlas in the car even if you've got Sat Nav! I would suggest that you always keep a good novel in the car as well but not for reading while driving.

Thought for the week: Happiness and health are the greatest good fortunes, worth more than any amount of cash.

Remember that 'Time and Tide' wait for no man, so have 'No Regrets', 'Stay in Touch' and always 'Look After Each Other'.

Friday, 1 June 2018


Hello everyone,
Lady M still here but after last weeks post directing you to AMA and my post on 'Strong Independent Women' I strolled through my archives and decided to update my post from 04/07/2014 posted shortly before Love You Forever was published. It is simply Positivity! SIW's must be positive and Sofia tells here of her self-affirmation and bucket list although she has a new name for it. Enjoy it and if you are finding yourself in a difficult situation, not sure what to do, next maybe this will be of help to you.
Be positive and happy!


Howde Folks!

Yes, it's me, Sofia back with you while that Lady M takes a break and gets up to... you don't want to know!

Donald and I have been having a blast as usual but were pleased to be summoned to appear here for the next few weeks. We're also excited because her latest book about us is being edited by the publishing company. She's decided on a super pic for the cover. In fact, she took the pic herself! I was really amazed. Anyway, as the choice for this week's blog is mine I've decided that we should think about POSITIVITY. Negative thoughts lead to negative results. If you want things to happen think positive thoughts. Lady M has been making every moment count this year and also talking of 'magical moments'. So, I am going to share my mantra list with you and my 'Do-or-die' list. It was these two things which gave me a new lease of life.


1      Take  Control

2      I am capable and I will achieve my goals

3      I am a good and nice person

4     I have two adorable children

5      I am clever, intelligent and talented

6     I am happy and afraid of nothing

7     I will not allow Derek to dominate me

8     I am privileged and lucky

9     I am an individual in my own right

10  I have no fear of death
When I was downstairs with you, it was this list which helped me survive. I would recite them, usually when Derek was giving me grief and then I could handle him. Positivity, was the key. Not all of them are suitable for you but make your own list and 'Take Control'.

Now to my 'Do-or-die' list otherwise known as a bucket list:

1.    Make a will

2.    Act and dress as Lady Godiva

3.    Take tea at the Ritz

4.    Be pampered at a health spa

5.    Travel on the Orient Express

6.    Spend Hogmanay in Edinburgh

7.    Spend a night in a Haunted House (Exciting)

8.    Ride in a hot air balloon/ or do a parachute jump

9.    Visit a casino

10. Shopping trip to New York

11. Visit Athens and the Acropolis

12. Join the Mile High Club

13. Break all the Commandments

14. Walk a mile along the equator
I added to it and I did manage to achieve most of them. The rest? I finished off up here. I know that I've already helped a lot of peeps downstairs and some even have their own 'Sofia'. I'm so flattered but I would like to help more of you.

Coming soon... LOVE YOU FOREVER,

"It's been 5 years since Sofia died, and she and the other spirits "upstairs" continue and watch the dramatic events and devastating consequences that unfold on the earthly plane. This is book 3 in the Sofia Trilogy."

There's still time to read the first two books, LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER and SOFIA'S LEGACY. Simply send a message on the comments, or they are available from Amazon, other online retailers and good book shops. Don't want to buy them? Borrow them from your local library.

See, you don't even have to buy me. just pop along to your library and order or borrow me and allow me to help change your life.

See you next week.

Love, Sofia!