Friday, 20 April 2018

Happy Birthday Ma'am

Hello Everyone,

On April 21st, 1926, King George V was delighted to announce to the world, that he had a granddaughter, Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of York. She was the daughter of his second son, Prince Albert, the Duke of York and his wife, Elizabeth, Duchess of York and third in line to the throne. It was never thought that she would ever become a Monarch. Her early childhood days were carefree and easy in London. In 1936, everything changed, the world heard of the great Abdication. King George V died  and Edward, his eldest son became the uncrowned king, Edward V111. On his abdication, in December 1936, Prince Albert of York became King George V1. From that day on, the Princess Elizabeth was very much aware of how much her life would change.

On her 21st birthday the Princess declared that she would serve her country throughout her life whether it be long or short. She married in 1947 and enjoyed being a Naval Officer's wife and mother to her two young children until the early fifties when she started taking on royal duties in her father's place as he suffered ill health. Sadly, in 1952, while on a trip to Kenya, she learnt that she was Queen. Her father had died sometime during the night of February 6th. From that day on our Queen has devoted her life to duty and the service of our country. Through bad times and good she has remained firm and steadfast. At each milestone and celebration, silver,  golden and diamond jubilees, she has reaffirmed her dedication to duty and service to us, her people and country. This month we are celebrating her 92nd birthday. I, for one, am proud to be British and of our heritage and Monarchy.

I say, Happy Birthday Ma'am.  Long may you reign.

Lady M


Friday, 13 April 2018


Is he thinking, 'It's Friday 13th.'?

Hello everyone,

Anyway, according to our calendar, today is FRIDAY, 13TH APRIL. It is a day that many people fear; it's associated with tragedy, disaster and awful things. Well, if you are superstitious. Friday and the thirteenth are both considered unlucky and together means 'double' unlucky. It has its own name... friggatriaskaidekaphobia  after the Norse god FRIGG as Friday is named after him or in Greek, it's paraskeveidekatriaphobia. There are some who have a complete phobia relating to the number thirteen; this is triskaidekaphobia.

Where does this fear originate from? One theory is that it originated from the fact that Christ was crucified on a Friday and that there were thirteen at the Last Supper; this  derives from Christianity/Judaism. There is nothing else that is specific for this superstition. It may be that Christ was crucified on 13th, or 13th is associated with the Flood and Noah or Eve's temptation in the Garden of Eden was on 13th. None of these theories can be proven.

Leaving Christianity and Judaism aside there's also a possibility that it derives from Norse mythology where 12 gods were at the banquet in Valhalla. Loke, the demi-god of mischief was not invited but chose to attend bringing the number to 13. Also, in Ancient Egypt 13 was associated with death and the afterlife.

Some people will dispute all of these things as utter nonsense  because they have been lucky winning the Lottery on 13th. Euro Lottery does have two draws a week on Tuesday and Friday but aren't the odds of winning something like 70 million to 1? These odds mean that the majority of people who enter the draw on Friday 13th are going to be unlucky and LOSE money.

Are you a friggatriaskaidekaphobic? Will you be taking the day of work, changing your plans, refusing to fly or just staying in bed or the day? However, there is only ONE more Friday 13th's this year; it is in July. After that you are safe until  September 2019. So think positive, stay strong and have a happy 13th.

Lady M xxx
Just drink champagne all day!
He's not worried about Friday 13th!


Friday, 6 April 2018

A message to all writers... LEARN TO ACCEPT REJECTION


Hello Everyone,

 Lady M is very keen to get her latest work about some singing horses noticed by those big fish at Disney in the hope that they will publish and animate her work. She has explored many avenues in her pursuit and has learned that there is only one way forward... get an agent. Now, after all her years as a writer she knows that this is like the proverbial needle in the haystack. In fact, she gave up trying to get an agent years ago. However, 'needs must when the devil drives'. So, once again, she is searching and so far has received nothing but rejections. Rejections are depressing and demoralising. Did the agent really look at the work? Can they not see the potential? Is this rejection email the standard one? Is it time to give up?

This is where writers need those magic moments to carry them through. Four years ago Lady M was speaking at a seminar on earnings in relation to writing. There were six of them addressing an enthusiastic throng. The first two speakers had done research and discovered that the odds of making any money from writing were slim. Only those at the top of the tree like JKR and Dan Brown took most of the income while about 95% of writers earned a pittance if anything. The message was 'write for love and not money'. In fact, it was depressing. Lady M was the third speaker and changed the tone by saying it was the 'magic moments' which kept writers going and continued talking of her own such moments. Later, she had a message on Twitter...

"There are magic moments in writing that keep you going" another nugget from author @MarilynLRice @UKGamesExpo

Well, she was really surprised. So, you never know what kind of impact you're making on others. (She looked at the pic and thought 'must not slouch!')

The magic moments?

1. After all the hassle, writing, typesetting, proof reading, cover and decisions you see YOUR book for the first time. Wow. MAGIC.

2. Someone BUYS your book. They actually give you money for your work.

3. People are actually asking where they can buy your book. Well, not many but some are interested in reading YOUR work.

4. You read a nice review of your work.

5. You publish a second book and become an author/publisher of bookS! MAGIC. That little 's' on the end of the sentence is so, so, so, important.

6. People start ordering your NEXT book in advance. Hey, peeps like your work so much that they cannot wait for your next one. You've got a small fan club but from little acorns...

7. You become an international author. It is not only people in your own country but others around the world who are now reading your work.

This week I would like to give this message to my fellow writers... learn to accept rejection but hold on to the 'magic moments'. Never give up. The pics at the top? Lady M at a book signing, her first four books and Lady M at a book fair. 

Keep writing my friends.

Love, Lady M xxx