Friday, 2 March 2012

Just how much excitement can a girl take?

Hello Everyone,

Lady M still here! Sofia and Donald are taking a mini break but I expect they are enjoying themselves.

After last week's thought of  Life is what you make it, I thought I would tell you that at the beginning of the year I decided to try and find something new, exciting or different to record in my diary every day. We have had two months of 2012 or 60 days of the year. What have you done that is really exciting or new?

I will share with you a few of mine. . .

I became a pensioner.
Put two of my books on Kindle.
Learnt about Kindle and digital books.
One day I made an appointment with Laurence Fox at 3pm!
Joined You Tube.
Experienced Luton Airport.
Went round a sweet factory in Geriskipou.
Had clandestine meetings with my Bohemian lover.
Enjoyed a talk on Life in Cyprus. Thank you, Henk.
Visited a Craft Fair in Coral Bay.
Streaked through Pafos town.
Won £3.20 on the Euro Lottery. I will not allow it to change my life
Took an excursion to Famagusta, St. Barnabas Monastery and Salamis.
Have over 500 friends on FB.
Had another birthday! Get over it!
Downloaded Nook onto my PC. Very proud of that achievement.
Had a health risk assessment and discovered I was still alive.
Started a new novel...

Care to share anything you have done this year?
Or care to join me on my next streaking trip?

Thought for the week: Tomorrow is not promised to us, so make the most of today!


  1. Visited the breathtakingly beautiful Roman Catholic Church yesterday for the first time.

  2. Obviously enjoyable. What are you going to do next?